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  1. Vancha

    Black Handpaws wanted (before next month)

    Hello! I'm currently looking for some handpaws, simple black color. The pawpads and claw colors aren't as important, though I would prefer colors on the yellow/orange/red/black spectrum. I would need these paws in time for San Japan, and would need them to arrive at my place by Wed. of next...
  2. Vancha

    Warmup Sketches

    Hello! I'm currently looking to do a warmup each day before looking to work on commissions, and wanted to see if there are any characters that interest me on the forum here. Honestly, I have time for maybe one warmup sketch each day, if that, so I'm sorry if I can't get to drawing everyone's...
  3. Vancha

    VanchaMarl's Commissions 2014 +Iron Artist Sketches

    I am also offering iron artist sketches, where two will be completed each day! Each sketch is $25, or $30 if you want flat colors applied. Better examples will be up in the next few days. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13544151/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13524037/...
  4. Vancha

    Vancha Marl Commissions + Auctions

    An egg adoptable auction can also be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13649027/ Auction ends on 6/9 at 7pm central, two adopts are currently left. Will update on this thread as well. Email: Vanchamarl@live.com Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vanchamarl/ Feel free to send...
  5. Vancha

    Free timed paintings

    Been seeing some of these threads lately, looks like a lot of fun! I'll be giving myself 15-20 minutes per painting, no idea how many I'll do for now. Just wanting to get back to using corel painter some after it's been collecting dust and need some subjects~ Please post below if interested!
  6. Vancha

    YCH Auction: Ends 9/30!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11692499/ ^^Click the link above for the auction post^^ Ends: 9/30 at 5pm central time! Can be NSFW or SFW, depending on the winner~ If it reaches $25 or higher it will be a speedpainting much like http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11638144/ (slight nsfw, boobs) If...
  7. Vancha

    Free Sketches!

    Seems no one wants any of my commissions or adoptable at the moment. Perhaps because I need more practice? Either way, I'd like to offer up some free sketches to anyone here in order to help improve some! This may just be a simple headshot, or a fullbody from sketch to sketch. For anyone looking...
  8. Vancha

    Character Reference anyone?

    I'm hoping to do reference sheets soon for commissions, but need at least one example before I'm able to do so. I am currently only going to do one for free, and will most likely be of the character that most interests me, but if you're looking for a free ref sheet please post below! I'll post...
  9. Vancha

    Vancha Marl's Commissions 2013

    Updated with a different set of commission types/prices since no one liked or were interested in the last ones. Here's hoping someone wants one, thank you for your time! If hoping to see more examples of my art, please feel free to browse my deviantart or furaffinity pages, as I will be posting...