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    Getting back into the swing of things

    Hey all, so lately I've been trying to draw again and start fresh so I'm gonna try and draw characters of other people to try and get into the swing of things again. So pretty much, just leave a character ref or description below using the provided form (or both) and I'll draw peoples...
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    Chibi and animated Avatar Commissions for less then 7$

    Well since I seem to have a bit of free time on my hand since my job cut my hours and since I need money to pay off car insurance I figured that I would open up chibi and animated avatar commissions to the public to try and make ends meet. As far as I'm concerned I don't want to charge a lot for...
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    I'M interested in trades how bout you?

    Anyone up for some trades? I've been stumped on what to draw lately so just wanted to ask. Your level of drawing or what medium you use (i.e story songs etc) doesn't really concern me I'm only gonna take them three at a time so I don't get overwhelmed though. Slots 1.--- 2.--- 3.---
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    I feel like doing some trades

    I'm in the mood to draw so i want know if anyone wants to trade. I can only do a few at a time though so i don't over do it. I'm best with girls but i can do guys too. so just drop me a line if interested. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sashbandit/ Slots: 1. SionnFoxkey 2. [empty] 3. [empty]...
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    Please Help Mii out (A.K.A doing commissions)

    Okay I'm gonna keep this short as not to waste anyone's time so my wii broke recently and it costs about $82 to fix. Normally this isn't a problem but my job is working me a maximum of 2 hours a week which doesn't exactly help me......at all. So I figure why not ask people online to buy art from...
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    Comic Panel help

    Okay so lately I've really gotten a lot better at drawing (read: now at a tolerable level) so I wanted to take a stab at a comic. Coming up with a storyline and getting together characters is easy enough its just I can never get the hang of the comic panels. Everytime I go to draw a page I can...
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    Just wondering if anyone wanted to do an OC session with me. Although keep in mind I've never done one before so an explanation of how to set it up would be appreciated :3. I'm online every night from 9:30 to whenever so just leave me a message ^^
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    Cheap commisions!

    I'm running some cheap commisions for anyone interested. Well I'm prettty quick when it comes to drawing (especially when there is money XD) and also pretty cheap so I'll be finished drawing in a few days from your order. I'm using Paypal but if you can't use that message me and we'll work...
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    Anyone wanna draw with me?

    Well I'm lacking both inspiration and online friends like the title says I'm wondering if anyone wants to draw with me over Open Canvas or something like that(I just got the program. but I'm learning to use it). I'm usually online around 10:30pm to about 3 to 4am (yeah I don't sleep XD) I'm...
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    Anyone know any good Rp's?

    Well just as the title says I'm looking for an Rp or someone to Rp with cause I'm bored. I've tried looking for an Rp, but all the ones I come across are dead. So if anyone wants to shed some information it would be most appreciated. :)
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    Drawing for yourself or others

    Well ever since I started drawing I've noticed that every time I try to draw for myself (like my own characters and such) it never turns out right and I end up trashing it, but any time I draw for other people I can usually make a pic I like in about two or three tries (hence why my gallery is...
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    If you want something drawn

    Well I've started back in school and as expected it's entirely boring, but that means I'm drawing more frequently to make the time pass. So I'm asking that if anyone who reads this wants me to draw them something just leave a comment in my Journal with a ref of some sort(written or drawn doesn't...
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    so uh..... about poses?

    Okay so my main problem in my drawings, among other things, is that the poses I make in my art are stale. I've realised that this is mainly because I lack the ability to see the balance in weight, height and foreshortening meaning my poses always come out looking akward though I don't know how...
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    If you want something just ask

    (if their are spelling errors please tell me) *ahem* well between school and other complications I have finally worked out a system in which I can use the internet, which brings me to the point of this thread. I'm taking some requests from now until whenever and will be willing to draw...
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    If you feel like it would you......

    ..draw one of my characters? I kinda wanna see them drawn in a style other than mine. There are only three so far. my style is sort of cartoony so these are the only references I have. Josh:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/198426/ description:He has a happy go lucky attitude. always smiles or...
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    [enter generic greeting]

    well lets see My name is Josh I have been drawing anthros for about a year. My favorite thing to do by myself is reading. My most hated thing is to go to the movies to see something I think is good and it ends up sucking. I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I have 5 brothers 1 sister and i'm...
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    would someone like their charcter drawn?

    due to lack of creativity I am asking if anyone wants their fursona drawn for free. I need practice so I hope you arn't too disa apponited with the results. Any takers:?: