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  1. Fu

    Looking for couple art

    (alternatively, who's willing to draw girl love?) I'm looking for a nice new bit of couple art because I haven't had any in ages, and I want something to sit in my new purse. I'm after my fursona (essentially a domestic cat) and my girlfriend (mouse), colour, cut off anywhere between...
  2. Fu


  3. Fu

    Art trades wanted and loved

    Art trades wanted and loved - brb Not taking any more right now, want to get more character refs up for people to draw. Bored of myself. I figure everyone wins with art trades if you're looking for both practice and art of yourself, as many artists do. There's my gallery. I'm still...
  4. Fu

    Username must be more than three characters

    I'm Fu. I was trying to find people who'd art trade with me and I went to see if this place had forums. I figure it's far more polite to introduce myself and find interesting conversation before I start whoring myself. I claim to be an artist but really I just draw things so they're easier to...