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  1. Mel-the-Hybrid

    In need for Commissions, for a new Desktop

    I'm still accepting a few more commissions in case anyone is interested in hiring me to draw their character. The money is going to be put into a new desktop that I'm shooting for that I desperately need. There's a few journals on my FA page where you can get information of my current...
  2. Mel-the-Hybrid

    African American Furs?

    Just wondering how many of us African American furs are out there. XD I think I've met like. . . 2 or 3 so far.
  3. Mel-the-Hybrid

    Art Collection: "The Boob Tube" Now on Sale!

    This is an ADULT'S ONLY offer. Info can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/230321/ Advertisement Image (PG-13): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/863352/ :3
  4. Mel-the-Hybrid

    Will work for Money. :P

    Most of my artwork is smut, so I can't post any examples on here, but check through my gallery to see if my style appeals to ya? Anyways, my commission info can be found here: Sketches: $10 Inked: $15 Digitally Colored: $25 Furcadia Ports: $10 Pixelations: $10 Extras: Adult: $5...
  5. Mel-the-Hybrid

    FFXI or WoW?

    Anyone play either of these games? :B Me: FFXI: Kujata Server WoW: Argent Dawn Server
  6. Mel-the-Hybrid

    Gimmie money, and I be your art whore! :D

    Just as the title says, rofl. I need some moohlah and if you're interested in commissioning me, drop me a line on the forums(Since the actual website is slow as fuck for me now @_@). Prices: $10 for a Furcadia port $12 for a Body pixelation $5 For a sketch $10 For Inked $20 for...
  7. Mel-the-Hybrid

    Blocking Feature

    Does anyone know how to use the block feature? I'm trying to keep this person from watching me on FA.
  8. Mel-the-Hybrid

    Art Trades/Commissions?

    Opening up my trades/commissions. So if anyone's interested, send me a PM, please? ^^ I only do: Furcadia Ports Furry Art Sonic Art Pokemon and/or Digimon Art Wolves Requests: Only if I know you Hentai: Of course. :) I do NOT do: Humans Anything hateful