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  1. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Sketchbook: This Minty Dogs art in 2019!

    So far.. 38 Years www.furaffinity.net: 38 Years by Fuzzle Armin Birb www.furaffinity.net: Armin by Fuzzle Wind and the Sun on a Bun www.furaffinity.net: Wind and the Sun on a Bun by Fuzzle Fire in a Foals Eyes www.furaffinity.net: Fire in a Foals Eyes by Fuzzle How is it 2019 anyway...
  2. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    38 Years

    How rare and beautiful it is to even exist www.furaffinity.net: 38 Years by Fuzzle
  3. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Hello this is Dog.

    I heard someone crinkle a bag in here so I made an account and am waiting for snacc. Also I'm something really unique, I'm an artist. You probably don't get a lot of them around here, most furries are spot welders or curators of fine historical artifacts. Let me tell you about myself. I like...
  4. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    After 6 years giving up art, I returned in 2018. This is my year in art.

    10 paintings in 2018. The first one I did on my laptop before really getting serious about it again. Twix Dog was when I switched from over a decade of photoshop to Clip Studio Paint. Just wanted to share frens :3 Moment to Reflect www.furaffinity.net: Moment to Reflect by Fuzzle No Longer a...