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  1. Jaeger Ojanen

    Looking for new RP! (sfw/nsfw)

    Getting back into the furry RP scene, and thought I'd see if there were any interested! My character is male, tigerfolk, has a post-military body type he maintains reasonably well. I like high fantasy settings, but also enjoy sci-fi, post apocalyptic, modern, college/school, and am always...
  2. Jaeger Ojanen

    DnD RP

    For those that enjoy the fantasy setting, I was thinking of looking for anyone that might enjoy the realm for RP. My preferred setting is Faerun, but I'm open to just general fantasy of sword and sorcery as to not limit potential partners. If you'd like, message me with interest, it can be SFW...
  3. Jaeger Ojanen

    Giving Thanks

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And to anyone that has a Turkey 'sona, I am sorry for your loss.
  4. Jaeger Ojanen

    My attempt at RP

    I'm new to FA, and am looking for anyone to RP with. I'd prefer on Skype, as it is quite easy to keep things organized there. It can be SFW, or not, I ain't picky. Details upon request about my character, he can be used in any setting (hopefully)!
  5. Jaeger Ojanen

    I'm a bit new to all of this

    My name is Jaeger Ojanen, and this is hello to anyone reading. My therapist says I should put more effort into getting back into society, so this is an attempt. I've been home for a few months, after two tours in Iraq and I'm glad to have my feet back on home soil. My skills mainly are in...