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  1. Arishipshape

    No email notifications

    Greetings! Me and @ben909 don’t seem to be receiving email notifications when threads on this forum update. I tried updating my settings to “no emails” and back to “yes emails” but that didn’t seem to help. Are emails perhaps not working at the moment?
  2. Arishipshape

    Artsyle and quality emulation

    Greetings! First, thank you to anyone who’s reading this! Even if you don’t have any reply or input, I appreciate merely attempting to help. Next, I’m trying to learn to art (aren’t we all). My ultimate goal is to become as good as the card artists for a card game called “Dominion”, and do art...
  3. Arishipshape

    NSFW filter broken?

    So there I was, a minor, minding my own business. I hit the browse button and BAM, a quarter of the art on the front page was NSFW! Being the good, law abiding citizen I am, I clicked away pretty much immediately. I’m sorry I can’t provide more detail than that. I don’t want to investigate...
  4. Arishipshape

    Art created on iPads

    Hello! At the moment, Costco is currently holding a pretty good sale on their iPads. However, because my income is relatively limited, I can only afford the cheapest model simply called the "iPad". I've asked multiple creators of my favorite artworks here what they use to make their art, and...
  5. Arishipshape


    Hello! I've recently created a forum account and am introducing myself here, as is the purpose of the thread. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about the furry community (save that you have all been occasionally unjustly lampooned and misrepresented by much of the internet). I intend to...