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  1. Tulok

    420 Fur Discord

    Hello all! This is a very chill discord server to just play games, talk, and smoke with others! Join the FurFun Discord Server!
  2. Tulok

    World of Warcraft Discord

    Hello! I am new to both the furry community and WoW (been playing for 2 months now?) but I was like "hey, let's get a discord goin'" This isn't some serious Raid group and we won't just be doing Dungeons. This also accepts both Alliance and Horde members. I am an awkward human being, so...
  3. Tulok


    So I have managed to let my anxiety get the best of me and now I'm stuck at home being more depressed. I was wondering if anyone relates and if being a furry helped?
  4. Tulok


    My name's Tulok! I'm a caribou-dragon hybrid but I think I look more caribou... if caribou had wings and claws I guess! I like to write but that doesn't mean I'm any good at it lol I play the piano on rainy days and go long boarding with some friends on sunny days. I'm really excited to meet...