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  1. Pignog

    Milk Thread Mk II

    The last thread was such a hit I just knew it was time for the second iteration. We're taking the gloves off for this one -- buckle up because this milk thread is going to be a wild ride!! UNFORTUNATELY the forums polls can only have a maximum of ten options. these are all new options this time...
  2. Pignog

    Peanut thread

    The peanut is a versatile fruit. we consume in the western world peanut butters, peanut oils, peanut sauces, and many more things. What are the best peanut consumables? Serious replies only pls.
  3. Pignog

    Milk thread

    What's your favorite milk? I use 1% for most tasks but sometimes if I'm feeling decadent I'll spring for 2%. How about the vegans? What's soy/almond milk like?
  4. Pignog

    Tim Hortons

    Today I atre a boston cream at this good ass restaurante. who else eats at these establishements. i like the timbits i like the coffe and the chickn salad asnadwich not a fan of the everything bagel though drivethry took too long what are youre experiences furrends??
  5. Pignog

    Little Debbie Downer

    ive got a problem and youre all gonna hear about it. ive had a shit day!! i went to work and some frign asshat rammed into me on the full bus, crushing my little debbie snack cakes i was saving for break. let me tell you, theres only so far you can push this beta manlet before he jams his steel...