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  1. Fatal

    How do you make a Sonic Oc

    I really wanna make a sonic oc because I am getting back into sonic. I don't know how to tho. How do I make one?
  2. Fatal

    Encouraging words

    Send some encouraging words for people who need to heat it. I am in need of it because I found out my dad and step mom are divorcing. But just write down or send a video of something encouraging to make someone feel better.
  3. Fatal

    Request: Vent Art

    So a little bit of context before explaining what I want. I found out today that my dad and step mom are divorcing. I am very upset and in need of some vent art. I want vent art. Only digital. Everything else doesn't matter as long as it's sfw (I'm a minor). I don't have a fursona but I do have...
  4. Fatal

    How to make a fursona

    How can I make a good fursona that I will connect with? I can't seem to make one because it's super hard.
  5. Fatal

    Free Art: Toothy Icon.

    I'm looking for a toothy icon of my character, Puff. Can be shaded or not. SFW. Digital only. Preferred Toony or Anime art. Pose is cute but showing off his huge teeth here is the character.
  6. Fatal

    How do you enable Push Notifications

    So, I need to enable push notifications but I don't know how to enable push notification on browser. I'm on a phone as well.
  7. Fatal


    Hiya! You can call me Fatal. I am a 13 year old furry, therian, C'Linker, and fictionkin. And this is my fursona, Puff the Plush Winged PikaCat. He is exactly like me, so pretty introverted irl. I hope yall like him!