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  1. Oleg

    Need some help

    Hey, im moving into a new flat soon and thats great. but here`s the problem i got a good friend off mine a "non furry" who wants to move in with me, in the hopes that he will one day find his own place. Hes one off my best friends but he doesn`t have a great view off furrys. i dont wanna turn...
  2. Oleg

    pc Gaming

    Anyone here play Vermintide2 or pubg?
  3. Oleg

    Where do i find commison`s

    Hey iv been looking for someone to commison but i have no idea where to find such people , can you guys help me?
  4. Oleg

    Hello im new

    hey im a new guy hoping to make some friends since, well you can never have to few. i have had an intrest in this fandom a while but never had any courage to get involved so this is a first stepp . my english isnt that good since its my sec language.