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  1. Stawks

    FAF, Make Me a Better Vegetarian

    Alright. So I used to be a really heavy meat-eater. I've decided to go vegetarian. Been doing it for about a week. It's not that difficult so far but I find myself just eating cheese pizza and doughnuts a lot of the time. I don't want to get into my motivations for switching - what I want...
  2. Stawks

    Required Viewing

    Alright, so we all like movies, because movies are nice and involve doing very little walking, plus they hide our obvious lack of ability to sustain interesting conversation for more than ten minutes. But most movies are shit. This thread isn't about them. Post movies you think everyone...
  3. Stawks

    Dr. Horrible - The Game!

    9_9x9m8F1b4 Someone made an 8-bit version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog! And it is the best use of the internet I've seen yet. Get the soundtrack here.
  4. Stawks

    The Internet Hates Me, And You Are My Only Hope

    Hey FAF, I just bought Battlefield 2 Bad Company, because it looks pimp. I went to play online with a friend and predictably I couldn't join his game. The error message said I couldn't connect to the EA servers - sometimes the message tells me that no game could be found, which is probably...
  5. Stawks

    Alright Guys

    Go to My Computer Click C: Go to WINDOWS Then go to Media Than play the file onestop.mid And proceed to have your mind blown by the most funktastic piece of music to ever come default with an OS.
  6. Stawks

    Help Me, Smart People

    So, a while back my webcam decided to stop working. I've got a Microsoft LifeCam Show. The software wouldn't start, I'd get a non responsive error, etc. So I went to reinstall it. At one point, after it has installed the files but before you click finish, it asks you to plug the webcam in. So...
  7. Stawks


    So we need a thread to be nerds and talk about science fiction and crap. We don't have one already do we? If we do I want directions. So what do you all like? I think my favourite show right now is Farscape. Not just because it has puppets either. I mean, mostly because of the...
  8. Stawks

    Hey, FAF, You're Beautiful When You Dream

    So I've got a question for all of you: When you dream, is it usually from a first person or a third perspective. Also, how often are you in your own dreams. Fantastical versions of yourself count. I'm only asking 'cause I just realized that I can't remember the last time I had a dream that I...
  9. Stawks

    Markus Linkous Commits Suicide

    Linkous, the guy from Sparkelhorse, killed himself yesterday. And that is depressing as fuck..
  10. Stawks

    The "Your Stroszek and the Idiot" Thread

    Ok, it's a simple thread. You're going to kill yourself. Don't ask why, how the hell should I know. But you're going to go through with it, tonight. Before you do, you listen to one album, and watch one movie. What are they? I'd watch Dr. Strangelove, I think. Because it's maybe the funniest...
  11. Stawks

    The "Webcomics" Thread

    All right I figured this belonged in the entertainment forum. If I'm wrong deal with it. So what kind of webcomics do you furfags read. It can be furry related if you want. That isn't really the point of this thread. Subnormality - The wordiest webcomic imaginable. It's not really a...
  12. Stawks

    Up In The Air

    Anyone else excited for the new Jason Reitman movie? It comes out Christmas day. From what I can tell, the movie is about George Clooney, who flies around the country fireing people for big corporations. Because of his lifestyle and job, he becomes a total dissociative person. Hilarity...
  13. Stawks

    Brave New World

    Linksy Alright, when I heard they were going to adapt Brave New World into a movie, I gotta admit I felt a bit sick. It's one of my favourite books. But, it's very thematic. What we love will destroy us, not what we hate, etc. Making it into a movie would be a disaster. Than I heard Ridley...
  14. Stawks

    Roman Polanski Arrested!

    Link! This is sort of old news but since no one ELSE has posted anything about I might as well. Those sneaky Swiss bastards. Holding a Roman Polanski film fest to lure him into your jurisdiction - it'd be brilliant if it weren't so evil!
  15. Stawks

    The Book Adaptation Casting Thread... Thing...

    Alright please tell me someone else likes doing this. Take a book, or comic, or something that hasn't been made into a movie yet, and make a cast list for it. Video games are fine too. I'll go first, because it was my idea. >.> Neuromancer Directed by Chris Nolan Starring... Joseph...
  16. Stawks

    The Cat Piano

    The Cat Piano Awesome little animation I stumbled upon. Incredibly well done, with narration but none other than Nick Cave (my hero). Thought it was relevant enough to share with you, FA! Thoughts? WARNING: Towards the end it gets sort of disturbing.
  17. Stawks

    Hey! Look! It's Stawks!

    Uh, hey. I'm Stawks, so, uh, that's what you call me, or, uh, you know, Stu Hawk, or Studebacher Hoch, or James-Alexander Kilpatrick Baillie, if you're not into the whole brevity thing... I could go on about myself, but no one wants to hear that anyway, so basically what you need to know is...