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  1. railroad

    square enix surprise game

    oh yeah you can click here for guessing apparently i found this in the page of saquere , so the most possible thing here is a re master of the best rpg of all the history but maybe not.... what you think about?
  2. railroad

    just telling im open to commisions

    if you are interested go here for prices yeah pm in my gallery if you are interested.
  3. railroad

    calling the furs of mexico and other places close

    ok as you can know i am from mexico, i suppose in this forum there are a cetrtain ammount of mexican fur people well this post is a pre invitation to the first furrycon in mexico "confurmeX2008" who is going to be in november 22 and 23 of this year the place is being already decided by...
  4. railroad

    we need critique

    because the last user who critiquiced me was a troll and for some reason is angry ( no wonder) i want your very personal opinion in this CLICK HERE and by the way i need you opinion in my cyborg designing CLICK HERE anyways so many vthanks yous if you help
  5. railroad

    because i cant find the W.C.

    and because my sindicate want to introduce to all while im peeing well if you know this bastard then no prob, if not then : my name in truth is eichiro...my real name is not known in the internets im only 20 year old and all those things you want to know more?....mmm then ask