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    what sports do you play?

    myself, i fence on my high school team. just wondering becuase today, i saw a guy with a naruto headband and fox ears/tail at our tournament, and i started wondering what other furs do. so what, if any, do you play?
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    everybody go to 7chan.org

    even if your a 4channer and hate 7chan, just go its worth it, i promise
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    Where did you get your anemm from?

    because im sick of all the "whats your fursona?" threads, im doing something a little differant! Where did you get you forum name? if its the name of your fursona explain where you came up with it, but for the people with 452845202 fursonas, just explain your forum name mine just came with me...
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    furry music videos

    i have found a few out there, but there must be more! post your flashes/movies/videos of furries! /c/ only, obviously http://youtube.com/watch?v=c59sRYKozsM
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    Hurray for Caturday!

    From the sacred grounds of 4chan I bring you Caturday! post your pics! (Caturday is just cleverly edited pics of kittens in cute poses with captions)
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    um, I'm back!

    sorry i havn't been around in, like, several months, but I'm back! I don't really have an excuse for it, and most of you don't even remember me I'm sure, but I'm back, at least for now :lol:
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    tenacius D and the pick of destiny

    10/10, i just saw it for my birthday today and OMFG it was funny. i dont want to give anything away to those of you who are planning on seeing it but havnt yet, but when he got high on mushrooms i literrally fell out of my chair laughing so hard. best comedy i have seen in a long time
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    sorry man, i cant for the life of me tell what your avatar is, and i must know!!!!! please tell me!
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    can someone delete those threads?

    i dont thinka nyone needs to see them, if they cant be deleted at least lock them
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    DLing songs from FA?

    how do u DL stuff from FA if, for example, i wanted it on my ipod? the little download button just opens up a new internet window with the play bar =(
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    who had that sig...

    "second to none, the original one!" and where did you get it?
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    I found something out today...

    my school doesnt block FA or FA forums ^_^ yay for being online 16 hours a day now!
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    the canid party

    because we cant let the dragons outdo us! talk about how we plan to take over the world from them, and how much of a big secret it is. and other stuff too :D dragons are welcome, but you cant learn the secret yet!
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    epic furry moments of ytmnd

    ok, so ive recently come across a few things on my favorite website ever that bears a look for everyone here http://beardancin1.ytmnd.com/ http://epicfurry.ytmnd.com/ http://furrymaneuver.ytmnd.com/ http://furryboys.ytmnd.com/ http://ridinfurry.ytmnd.com/ http://zomgfurryzz.ytmnd.com/...
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    did i do something wrong?

    or is there really almost no Linkin Park on itunes? edit: nvm, i did something wrong, but i found it! LINKIN PARK, HOOOOOOO!
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    potter puppet pals

    i dont know what reminded me of this, but its so old it might be funny to post it again http://www.ugoplayer.com/animation/potterpuppetpals.html http://www.ugoplayer.com/animation/potterpuppetpals2.html thyer both work safe...more or less....stop watching the first one after dumbledore...
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    how do you make an image in your signature?

    because im just computer illiterate like that = you can tell its not working from that line in my sig with random smilies and stuff
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    What kind of furry are you?

    ok, these types of threads seem to have a lot of succes, and (i will admit) i'm just curious. What type of furry are you (or your fursona, w/e)? i see a lot of people as wolves, some as Weres (like myself), i see people who are crazy combinations i could never imagine, and some things ive...
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    who ever won the pirate contest?

    was it already announced and i missed it? its nearing the end of the month and i havnt seen anything :shock:
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    how do you copywright something?

    cause i dont want to google it :-P