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  1. Phoenixwildfire

    LF partner for NSFW RP (TF/TG)

    So I'm looking for an RP to be used with either my characters, Harpalotti or Gaia. Gaia tends to be rather dominant (and wild), while Harpalotti is submissive (but teasing). I usually play females, but as these are unicorns, they can use their magic to shift genders if wanted. They can also...
  2. Phoenixwildfire

    RP forums and websites for furries?

    I mostly RP privately on Google Documents with a friend of mine- we've been going strong since... last May now (hey, almost a year!) And while I can't say it's SFW it's not like... entirely based on that. It could just as easily be a fade to black scenario and be just as satisfying. We just...
  3. Phoenixwildfire

    A Star Wars RP

    What era are we talking about? Pre-Republic, Republic, Empire, post-Empire? I might be interested, I actually help run a tabletop Star Wars RP :P So a story RP might be refreshing
  4. Phoenixwildfire

    YO, long time no see!

    YO, long time no see!
  5. Phoenixwildfire

    Seeking TF RP

    I can do Discord- I've never tried a transformation RP but I write plenty of TF stories XD I play male or female, whichever you would need (or can TF gender as well)
  6. Phoenixwildfire

    Hiring a fursuit maker for Rocket Raccoon

    Yeah- a person who makes fursuits as a business wouldn't do this because if they're caught Disney will rip them a new one. Looks awesome though, and good luck in your search :)
  7. Phoenixwildfire

    Does anyone ever consider a Kigurumi sometimes?

    I've seen a few of them, even bought a pattern to make one myself one of these days :P (*sigh* so hard to find rainbow unicorn fursonas...) I think minky would make a super cute one, if a bit more pricey. Minky is lighter and softer than fleece, so you wouldn't get as hot lol Here's a good...
  8. Phoenixwildfire

    Distinctive Fabrics changing their quality?!

    So, I buy my luxury shag fur from Distinctive Fabrics. No big deal right? Everyone does it. I usually use about 1 yard of light pink luxury shag every month or two for stuffed animals. So I buy a lot of it. I've gotten it from them for nearly three years now, and have never had a problem...
  9. Phoenixwildfire

    Need help with Fur & Size OuO

    minky shag is wonderfully soft and has an okay thickness but it SHEDS EVERYWHERE. Like... everywhere. All the time. It also isn't very durable, and tends to come off the backing pretty easily with rough use. Luxury shag is the go-to for all suiting fur usually, though Distinctive Fabrics has...
  10. Phoenixwildfire

    Fur-finding help needed!

    I've actually used that fur before. It's EXTREMELY thick in nap but not very long- so it makes a very sturdy, long lasting fur. It's not very good for a more 'flowy' fur, but as far as a short furred- suit goes it would be amazing, especially for shaving. I personally used it in a stuffed...
  11. Phoenixwildfire

    conbadge trading- yours for mine

    this is a FREE conbadge trading thread- it's not just for me, it's for everyone's enjoyment :) Anything can be traded for a conbadge, but here it's prefered conbadge for a conbadge. I'll start by offering a conbadge to someone in exchange for a conbadge of Toran-...
  12. Phoenixwildfire

    Got a furry story? Post it here!

    Chapter 8- Too Late “There you go peeps, this will be your new family. Be good for them, alright?” Toran smiled to the small girl as she looked up at the raven couple before her. “Okay Toran. Come back soon, okay?” Peeps hugged Toran’s leg happily and ran to the couple, giggling as...
  13. Phoenixwildfire

    emotion critique

    thank you all for the wonderful advice ^__^ I'll take it to heart in future emotion pictures!
  14. Phoenixwildfire

    Got a furry story? Post it here!

    Chapter 7- Recovery “You can do magic?” Toran gaped at the small golden sphere between Naru’s hands. “yes, my entire family could.” Naru let the light fade, his tail feathers folding behind him. “I remember someone saying that the peacock humanus were special, but I thought they had...
  15. Phoenixwildfire

    Got a furry story? Post it here!

    Chapter 6- The Exception Toran looked anxiously at the large stone building in front of him, the human guards on the outside looking around cautiously. He slid back behind the bush as they looked into his direction, looking at Xicro with bright eyes. “You guys ready?” he whispered, smiling...
  16. Phoenixwildfire

    Got a furry story? Post it here!

    Chapter 5- The General “Why did you guys have to get so much meat?” Althea looked at the pounds of jerky in her new brown sack in dismay. “What’s wrong with meat? Do you not like it?” Toran said around a bite of turkey jerky, his eyebrows raised in surprise. “Well no, I like meat...
  17. Phoenixwildfire

    Got a furry story? Post it here!

    Chapter 4- Makeover “So, you’re planning a bit of an uprising, huh Toran?” Xicro said as he walked next to Toran and Althea on the way to the feline city of Carthuse. “Yes, my father is ill.” Toran said softly, and the news stopped Xicro in his tracks. “The king… is sick?”...
  18. Phoenixwildfire

    emotion critique

    alright, so this picture isn't really the critique for the sake of its quality, as for the emotion it gives people. This is supposed to be regret, and guilt. If it doesn't say 'regret and guilt' does anyone have any critique to how I could make the emotions better suited?
  19. Phoenixwildfire

    super cheap digitigrade stilts

    remember the bungie cords in the back everyone- that's the only way you'll stay upright in these things lol
  20. Phoenixwildfire

    free headshot sketches- who wants to be drawn?

    http://stratadrake.deviantart.com/art/Color-Me-Theran-61224848 I. am. drawing. this. O_O totally awesome lol had too much fun XD