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  1. BobTheZombie

    Resident Evil "Cosplay" Chibis I wanna draw your fursonas!

    Hey guys, slightly shitty artist here, hoping to get better! So I did a few of these (only finished one so far) and I was wondering if there were any Resident Evil fans here that would want one of these. http://i.imgur.com/NVPZ1jn.jpg This is my sona dressed up as Barry. I am still new to...
  2. BobTheZombie

    What Song Would you want to have played at you funeral?

    Hope this is in the right spot haha. Just a topic that I find fascinating. Mine has changed over the years, but Ed Sheeran's rendition of The Parting Glass just hits me on a certain level. Me and my buddies usually end our drunken escapades with us all singing this song. Not because it make us...
  3. BobTheZombie

    Any DC CW fans on here? (Arrow and The Flash)

    If you are then please, no spoilers. I am behind on one episode with each series, but still. Is there anyone here who watches the shows? And if so, what is it you like about em? Which do you prefer, Arrow or The Flash? Obligatory last question. Well?
  4. BobTheZombie

    Ranger Ringabel Cosplay questions...(BRAVELY DEFAULT)

    I hope I am posting this in the right place XD So I am going to putting together this cosplay for A-kon 2015 in Dallas Texas. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-8VwP3u9Vfyg/VGc3GfEgHpI/AAAAAAAABHw/bCXGmrxm1KM/w426-h528/Ringabel.jpg This is the first time I wll be making anything like...
  5. BobTheZombie

    Anime Matsuri 2015? Anybody going?

    Not a fur con, I know. But there will be some furry events being held there! April 3-5 in Houston Texas. Let me know if you are going, if so, we can meet up! ^^
  6. BobTheZombie

    Any other WWE fans on here?

    Just wondering if I am alone in the universe haha
  7. BobTheZombie

    Looking to get my Lion drawn ^^

    I have been working on some pieces myself and what I got so far will bookend this post, buut I was just curious if anyone around here would like to take a shot at him. This will be the first piece of art he will really be in, so I ain't picky about the art style or context of the image (just...
  8. BobTheZombie

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but anyone around here from Texas?

    I am sure there are haha, but I was just wondering, and if you are from Texas...then...hello! Haha I am curious because there are a bunch of conventions coming up and was wondering if, ya know...we can meet up or something. I won't be attending any Fur Cons anytime soon, still trying to get my...
  9. BobTheZombie

    Noob designing his first Fursona!

    I just need suggestions for how i should go about this. My fursona is a lion and I have done two drawings that are still eh, but they are less shitty than the others I did. Here they are. I am not much of an artist to begin with, and this is the first time I am drawing anything like this. I...
  10. BobTheZombie

    Ello, another newbie here!

    You can just call me Zombie! I ain't so hung up on that haha, call me what ever you want...hmm let's see. (I suck at introductions) Um, I am 20, I live in south Texas, new to the community not so much the site. Been lurking since about 2012. Just recently took the leap into the community. So...