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  1. Moogie

    Drawing On the Right Side Of The Brain and other books on drawing

    The Vilppu Drawing Manual is one I recommend to everyone and personally my favourite. He's got other books as well but that one is a great starting point.
  2. Moogie

    Confessions thread

    I can relate so much, word for word! I wonder if this is more of an anxiety issue; yearning for people but always stepping back? You shouldn't feel the need to apologize however for 'being weird', I'm sure there's many others who have their own quirks but we accept them all the same. Chin up! :3
  3. Moogie

    Persona 5

    Like a mix of Dante & Edgeworth. GORGEOUS! So does this mean there's no option to using other weapons? While using a gun is neat, I did love how everyone had their own unique style of fighting.
  4. Moogie

    What Are You Listening To?

  5. Moogie

    Confessions thread

    I definitely want to hear it when you post! :D As for confession; I wear big dark coloured baggy sweaters for when I rarely go outside so I look bigger and more.. intimidating? xD Not sure if it really works in that regard, though I feel 99% more safe in it.
  6. Moogie

    The fears and phobias thread

    People! Mainly those around the same age as me.
  7. Moogie

    Extreme anxiety when posting arts

    Such positivity; I love it! It's definitely normal to feel anxious, but just remember there's others who feel the same way too so you're not alone. :3 Taking this first step into showing your pieces to others is a part of growing as an artist, as is taking critique face on without assuming it's...
  8. Moogie

    "Sorry Hadji" (possible sneak peak for a comic)

    There's a lot of self taught artists out there, it's really more dependent on how much you want to learn and how far you want to go! :3 This is a pretty generic answer, but I recommend studying figures and people (from rl, pictures, videos - all have their advantages :P) to get the hang of the...
  9. Moogie

    Discuss Anime

    Rewatchin' F/SN: UBW and continuing to drool over Ufotable's animation. April cannot come fast enough.. D:
  10. Moogie

    Persona 5

    Lovin the comic book style they've got going, and wahh jumping and rolling! Cannot wait~ T__T
  11. Moogie

    What Are You Listening To?

  12. Moogie

    old school snes favorites

    I'm gonna have to say Final Fantasy III (VI originally)! But like BadRoy said, there's so many wicked games for the SNES, it's really hard to choose. D: Zombies Ate My Neighbors also tops for me, but it was one of the first games I ever played so maybe it's just nostalgia fuelin' it (still...
  13. Moogie

    Does Anyone Do This?

    I've never done this, but now that I've got a scanner I should give it a try. Although I'm super comfortable with my tablet, so if I were to give it a shot it'd just be experimental to see the difference.
  14. Moogie

    Something This Cute Exists And I Didn’t Know It?

    Goshhh what a cutie pie! Love how it shyly keeps poppin' out. :3
  15. Moogie

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Valkyria Chronicles, though I'm stuck at one of the last (I think, looks like its nearing the end xD) missions. Took a break for a week but I plan on beatin it in the next few days hopefully. Oh! Also playin Osu, though that's more just on and off casually. :P
  16. Moogie

    things you just dont understand

    I don't get how you can be super tired one minute, and then the next be full blown awake when you've just got into bed. Yay for no sleepz!
  17. Moogie

    What games are you looking forward to in 2015?

    That'd definitely be neat! I think they make the main character sorta a clean slate though so it's more like your own 'persona' in a sense. xD I'm actually not too familiar with P4, I only made it a bit into it before getting owned a ton, though I watched my brother play certain parts of it. ^^...
  18. Moogie

    What games are you looking forward to in 2015?

    Persona 5, I haven't been this excited about a new release in awhile. ^^ Zero Escape 3 was also on my waitin' list, but sadly cause of budget problems it's on hold. D:
  19. Moogie

    My First Fursona Sketch. What do you think?

    To be fair, this wasn't in the critique section, as well he asked what people thought of it. I'm always more than happy to give a proper crit, though (if they want one, of course)! :3 Ah and no worries, you're not being a 'bad guy', just someone who wants to be helpful! xD
  20. Moogie

    Cooking Thread

    Omgsh, a cooking thread! -drools- I have a great recipe for chicken breasts, it's more for those who have a sweet tooth eheh. XD --- Pineapple chicken When it's done What it'll look like in the crockpot Ingredients: 4-6 Large/Medium Size Chicken Breast (Skinless & Boneless) 1 Can...