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  1. Tarrien

    What are your PC/Laptop Specs?

    Desktop: Custom built Intel i5 Processor overclocked 8gb ram AMD Radon HD 6860 (somewhere around there can't remember and not at it right now.) 2 23" 1080p monitors Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad L440 Intel i5 Processor Integrated Graphics 4 gb ram 14 inch screen 1600x900 res Don't technically have...
  2. Tarrien


    I've played it before...
  3. Tarrien

    Gotta De-Stress this weekend, Need game suggestions!

    Huh, I may have to pull my 3DS out now
  4. Tarrien

    Gotta De-Stress this weekend, Need game suggestions!

    AC:NL can catch you too......
  5. Tarrien

    Gotta De-Stress this weekend, Need game suggestions!

    Having played AC:NL and tomolife, they are great, but getting anywhere in one-two days is impossible
  6. Tarrien

    Gotta De-Stress this weekend, Need game suggestions!

    This week has been.... hard.... for me, so I want to spend the weekend playing something that's fun, thoughtful, but not extremely taxing. Free or paid, preferably PC. though I have a 3DS and a Wii, along with some older consoles... TLDR: Basically post your favorite de-stress games
  7. Tarrien

    Confessions thread

    I'm the opposite. My mood changes my musical tastes dramatically... Some stuff I just can't stand on a bad day, while other times I'm to happy to listen to something down.
  8. Tarrien

    I tend to listen to classic rock, or prog rock... Or random soundtrack stuff. I can share my...

    I tend to listen to classic rock, or prog rock... Or random soundtrack stuff. I can share my list if you're interested.
  9. Tarrien

    Confessions thread

    When I'm upset, I tend to listen to sad music, which does nothing but make me feel worse.... Maybe I'm masochistic...
  10. Tarrien

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    My skype is NickTarrien It *should* be online most of the time, and I *should* be around... I can voice chat, but would need to be pre-arranged. I'm good for a chat, but people I don't know kinda put me off, so I may be a bit stand-offish... Video chat is possible, not likely until I get to...
  11. Tarrien

    What are the weirdest submissions in your FA gallery?

    As i'm no artist, and because my thing is rather new, the weirdest (and only) submission in my gallery is what I pulled my avatar from... It embarrasses me slightly :P
  12. Tarrien

    What's your occupation?

    In college for Computer Engineering, and am working in the fast food industry until that materializes. Most soul crushing job I can imagine :P
  13. Tarrien

    Michigan Furs

    U.P. Represent (at least during the school year :P)
  14. Tarrien

    Anything Sims!!

  15. Tarrien

    Anything Sims!!

    Having never played (or heard of) SimTower, what is the premise?
  16. Tarrien

    Anything Sims!!

    It truly doesn't compare to SimCity 4, but I enjoy it anyways, especially since (at times) 4 has aging issues.
  17. Tarrien

    Anything Sims!!

    I think SimCity (The newest one) was adequate. (Prepares for the hate)
  18. Tarrien


    Hi! Tarrien here, though I go by Tarry. I've sorta lurked around the furry fandom for a few years and now decided to become part of the community. I'm a college student going for a Computer Engineering degree. I'm interested in anime, board games, DDR, video games, music, and reading. I have...
  19. Tarrien

    Ref Sheet

    I made a decision, and would like to thank all of you for your interest. I will unlock this thread if something happens. Thank you!
  20. Tarrien

    Ref Sheet

    Hi, I'm want to get a reference sheet for my character, Tarry, a chubby fox. He can be seen here (sans tail and in my extremely poor art ability). It doesn't have to be dazzling, I just want something that isn't my own embarrassing art. I have a budget up to about $35-$40. There is no rush. I...