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  1. Crestego

    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    Sounds like a fun idea. :3 I don't draw often and I don't really consider myself a furry, but i'll try drawing Squishy for the idea sometime! I think it'll be fun~
  2. Crestego

    Summer plans?

    My sister works at Wingstop... she's now getting the same problem with wings. XC When I worked at a Thai place... I guess I got lucky, because I never got bored with the food. They made home-made thai dishes for their workers. X3
  3. Crestego

    need a name for my fursona

    Gonna bump this just to say Bender again... it's the greatest. ;3
  4. Crestego

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    That's why I tend to binge-watch Youtube or Netflix instead. :^)
  5. Crestego

    What's your biggest fail?

    Shhhhh. X3
  6. Crestego

    Hey guys!

  7. Crestego

    How do you organize?

    After several doctor's appointments and getting a handle on my asthma and anxiety, I'm wanting to push forward with actually... y'know, DOING stuff. What helps you guys organize? It could be anywhere from organizing a bedroom to organizing a lifestyle, I would love to hear some feedback. :3
  8. Crestego

    What is one thing you learned from the furry community?

    The people in the fandom are quite interesting to talk to.... out of most of the fandoms that I've snuck on and took a look into, the furry fandom seems to be the most friendly and open about things. The Pokemon fandom wins at being the most chill though. ;p
  9. Crestego

    HELP! i need help with my colors

    You may want to look up the basics of color in general. There are a few lessons that many learned in high-school during art classes about colors the clash/don't coordinate or do coordinate well/ect. Oftentimes these will apply to interior decorating too, so maybe watching a few Youtube videos on...
  10. Crestego

    Where do I begin?

    I'd recommend GIMP for a starting art software. It's much more orientated around photo-shopping and is a more difficult Photo-shop in itself, but you can do a lot of cool affects with the software itself (plus it's essentially a free photo-shop for whenever you want to actually edit photos)...
  11. Crestego

    Another newb-based question: Drama?

    Ignoring it and not giving your attention to the issue's gonna be the best way to do it; honestly. It's what you would do with Any other fandom or drama, the only difference in your case is that it's close. Unless they force your involvement (in which case getting professional help like the...
  12. Crestego

    What is your gender?

    Honestly, don't blame you. X3 Only reason I have a clue as to what goes through a woman's head is because i'm a woman myself.. and can be pretty sensitive sometimes.
  13. Crestego

    What are you doing right now?

    Playing League of Legends. :v Trying to get gid but failing.... it's sucking the life essence from me with consent.
  14. Crestego

    What is your gender?

    Lul, that last reason is why my husband married me. XD Or at least a big part of it. Most of the women I know are SANE... but I have met some that rely too much on emotional baggage over common sense; met some men like that too. :v
  15. Crestego

    What's your biggest fail?

  16. Crestego

    need a name for my fursona

  17. Crestego

    You're icon is super cute. <3

    You're icon is super cute. <3
  18. Crestego

    What is your gender?

    Meh, if it makes your life easier I guess. I got a buddy who's technically bi-sexual, but like 90% into men over women. She'll still tell people that she's bi-sexual if she's feeling honest, but will sometimes keep it to herself if she gets creep ed out by the people around. XC
  19. Crestego

    Thank you. :3 Minzer made it for me, it's so cute .<3

    Thank you. :3 Minzer made it for me, it's so cute .<3
  20. Crestego

    What is your gender?

    I'm a woman, and I used to be an asexual (was for the longest time). I think the term for what I am now is either demi-sexual or something else... the term that i'm forgetting is supposed to be someone who's only sexually attracted to their partner. Fell in love with my husband, so now i'm only...