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  1. thecovesecret

    Looking for betareaders for a furry action script (Violence/Swear warning)

    I've spent a while on this story (spent 3 years world building and changing up story ideas). Ever since I found out about Dan Harmon's story circle, writing has been a ton easier and I finally made a complete and cohesive draft that only took me a week to make (for the first draft). I just...
  2. thecovesecret

    Where mah edgy furs at?

    Guys, I am anemic..I need some edgy furries here because there is a severe lack of angst, brooding, and blood on this site. Here's my finest selection of edgelords...tell me yours! (BTW all the characters below are in a gang) Vixien The edgiest of them all, yet I don't have a ref for him. He's...