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  1. Kopatropa

    Does Audience Reaction matter to you when creating OCs?

    I'm the creator of 30+ OCs, about half of them being fat. As a fat person, I'm enjoy good food and making laughs, so I put that into about 5 or 6 of my characters. As of late, though, I've been seeing tweets about characters being portrayed as such, saying it offends them or it's damaging in...
  2. Kopatropa

    Help me understand They/Them

    If you identify as They/Them, I'd like to know why. The whole concept of non-binary and such is still a bit blurry to me and people were getting angry on Pronouns Day on the 16th because of the anti-LGBT and their "There are only two genders" claim, assumptions, etc. So how does this sort of...
  3. Kopatropa

    Not enough attention for my OCs

    Here's the scenario: My best friend on Twitter has 1k followers, and his OC art almost always breaks 100 likes and 30+ retweets. I, on the other hand, just reached 700 followers, but I get on average 20-40 likes for my OC art. I rarely do fan art, but when I do, the chances of it breaking 50...
  4. Kopatropa

    Why is old art important?

    The common response to someone who can't stand their old/bad art is to keep that junk "so you can see how far you've come". But why though? What good will that do you? What positive can you gain from acknowledging your art history?
  5. Kopatropa

    How does it feel to be a popular artist?

    And why do people act like the benefits aren't enough to compensate for the downsides? As if a lot of people liking you will never make up for anything else? Before anyone asks, my definition of popular: Your art getting 50-100 likes/favs, your regular posts getting at least 10 likes/favs, a...
  6. Kopatropa

    Comeback Mechanics

    According to TV Tropes, a comeback mechanic is "a video game mechanic that grants advantages to losing players in favor of balance", like Rage and V-Trigger and stuff like that. However, I keep seeing scorn towards it, saying it's "rewarding players for losing", which is apparently a bad thing...
  7. Kopatropa

    What is an Art Block?

    Since the term seems subjective, how would you describe this 'Art Block'? I personally see it as a lack of ideas or motivation.
  8. Kopatropa

    Bad motivation?

    Is there such a thing as bad motivation for drawing? And why is drawing for yourself stressed a lot?
  9. Kopatropa

    What is talent?

    Please don't comment if you don't think it exists. What qualifies as 'talented'? Why do certain artists get this label and similar artists don't?
  10. Kopatropa


    Where you make a traditional ink drawing a day. Anyone doing it this year? Or are you doing something else? Maybe something you created yourself? I'm kinda curious. Me, I'm gonna do OC-tober instead; drawing an OC consistently this month. I tried Inktober in 2016, but stopped after Day 3...
  11. Kopatropa

    Why do you make art?

    I'm curious to know your art goals and what drives you to create. I've been drawing since elementary school, but it was just stick drawings. I dropped art at 10 but picked it back up after discovering DeviantArt in 2013. I draw because I love the idea of storytelling with interesting...
  12. Kopatropa

    If likes/favs/etc didn't exist...

    How different would social media in general be if you weren't able to like or fav stuff? Or if views weren't counted?
  13. Kopatropa

    Who should I talk to?

    I promise this will be the last thread I make on the subject! They say talking to other artists gets you noticed, but what type of artists should I be talking to, optimally speaking? Popular artists? Newbies? Artists near me on the social/skill ladder?
  14. Kopatropa

    Artistic Freedom

    What's your view on artistic freedom? How would you describe it?
  15. Kopatropa

    What makes a true artist?

    If there's even such a thing. Are there certain qualities that make an artist "genuine"? Any certain things they must do? I ask because I read this article that mentioned the term and I need more info.
  16. Kopatropa

    How to revive a friendship?

    If you lose a friend because of something you did to make them feel uncomfortable, how do you get them back? And if they reject your apology, which is what basically happened, then what? I can't handle not having them around.
  17. Kopatropa


    This thread might be pointless. So I made this big deal about how I don't comment on art often, because when I don't get a reply or even a like for the comment, it means they don't care. If they acknowledged it, there'd be no way you'd know that. I'm commenting for an admittedly selfish...
  18. Kopatropa

    Is wanting to be popular a bad thing?

    Because everyone thinks so, but I'm lonely and I feel insignificant.
  19. Kopatropa

    Anatomy Help

    According to critique, it needs improvement. So, how bad is the anatomy in this?
  20. Kopatropa

    Drawing for the sake of it

    I don't really take my time (or enough time) drawing, as pointed out. I just don't like spending too long on a drawing, even though they could be so much better. I sometimes see myself drawing at least more than one thing a day just for the sake of having something to post, no matter how...