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  1. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Looking for Reference Sheet Artist $35-60

    I could do a front/back ref for 60$
  2. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: [Closed] (NSFW) Equine OC Reference Sheet - Budget $100

    Sent you a DM! I sent a Equine female ref I've done in the DM (as well as other examples) but here are some more examples here:
  3. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Seeking Species Concept Artist (75 USD - 150 USD+) <OR> Predesigned Species Concept

    Sent you a DM! But here are some more examples of my art:
  4. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Closed

    DMed you! but here are a few more examples:
  5. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: LF artist to do custom wolf anthro reference sheet, $75

    DMed you ! but here are a few more examples:
  6. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: icon sketch - artistic liberty - $100US+

    Sent you a DM but here are a few examples:
  7. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Found artist! Thank you for contacting me!

    Sent you a DM! But here are some examples:
  8. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: [ON HOLD] Ref Sheet for Werewolf ($40~$120)

    Sent you a DM! But here are a few examples to check out:
  9. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Hiring artists over several weeks! Budget: $100 to $150

    If you're still looking for artists I'd love to be considered! I am open for commissions anytime! I can draw a variety of body-types and species. Ref sheets too! As a base price I do fullbodies for 30$ each, so couples for 60$, and front/back simple refs for 60$ and so on!
  10. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Ref Sheet for an Athletic/Muscular Numbat Guy ~$100

    I sent you a pm! Good luck on your search
  11. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: First Art! $5-$50

    Shot you a DM~
  12. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Fish OC Ref Sheet $25 - $45

    This would be a first for me but I would love to try it! I do full bodies for 30$ each, so it would be one pose but I can do a clothed and unclothed version for 35$ Or other small extras to stay in the budget~
  13. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet $20 - $100

    I do full bodies for 30$ each, so I can do a front and back ref sheet for 60$; Or a front, back, alt form/extra pose for 90$ I can do any species or body type!
  14. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Rat fursona ref sheet - budget: $100 [CLOSED]

    I sent you a PM! I've done a couple rats and would love to work on your ref!
  15. PutridPiranha

    Hiring: Custom/Character Design to Description | Artist found

    I sent you a PM : ) I sent details and examples there but here are some for the thread: Good luck looking for your artist!