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  1. PantherGus

    I need help in making a choice, guys

    I'm stuck at the next gen console crossroads where I don't know which to invest in. I have a 360 and a PS3 but I can't swing a vote on that alone. I fear losing potential to play Left 4 Dead 3 once it comes out. PS exclusive games don't have me gripped to their fan base but neither does 360...
  2. PantherGus

    2014 Zenkaikon

    Hello folks, the Zenkaikon of 2014 was in PA. I had gone as an Ood from Doctor Who. Sadly, I hadn't completed my orb in time so my cosplay accessory wasn't wow worthy of praise but was my first official dress up at a con. Big doctor who fan, sadly I did not see any cute David Tennant worthy...
  3. PantherGus

    Hello folks!

    Hello FA community. I am Gus, I'm 23 and happen to be new to FurAffinity & the furry world. I would love to make new friends with you all. I'm a big scifi dork and I love to play video games. Feel free to hit me up sometime.