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  1. justenoughlight

    Anyone near Seattle?

    I’m a minor, I live around West Seattle. If anyone else is close, lmk!
  2. justenoughlight

    Update: I got my picture featured in the west Seattle blog!

    https://westseattleblog.com/2022/06/photos-west-seattle-pride-march-2022-for-our-youth Fifth pic down!
  3. justenoughlight

    I went to a pride parade in my suit/head and here are some cute/cool things that happened:

    Got quite a few compliments on how cute she is Got a free drink because the barista liked her Had several children approach me with absolute joy and excitement on their faces and ask to pet my head or hug me which was very adorable Made a few friends Got a few honks from cars passing by Got shit...
  4. justenoughlight

    Naming and question.

    1) Any suggestions for names for her? She’s got a sort of hospitalcore/nursecore/medicalcore aesthetic, I haven’t added the accessories yet though. 2) how do I keep fuzz out of my face when I wear the head? I’ve tried using a lint roller, scissors, tape, etc. Any help is appreciated!
  5. justenoughlight

    Is it possible to use waterproofing sealant on an already furred mask? (URGENT)

    My friend and I are currently furring my dino mask and we just realized it needs to be waterproofed. The sealant we have will take an hour to dry and we do not have that long. Is there a way to do this post-furring? Update: we’ve decided that I will leave the head at their house and they can...
  6. justenoughlight

    So ah…from reading the forum history I’m getting the impression that otherkin and therians aren’t really welcome here?

    It kinda feels like a lot of y’all don’t like us? Idk but it’s a bit sad to see, as someone who is both a therian/otherkin and a furry. So yeah idk just a little rant I guess not trying to guilt trip any of y’all but I just kinda wanted to get that off my chest I suppose
  7. justenoughlight

    How can I convince my parents to let me go to a convention?

    I live in Seattle and there’s a convention coming up here in January. I really want to go, but sadly my parents don’t really like furries :( They believe that the majority of the convention will either be sexual and/or generally too mature/inappropriate for my age. At the time of the convention...
  8. justenoughlight

    How do I fur and attach dino mask ears (and fur the mask itself?)

    I’m done painting, but this is my first time making a suit. How do I fur the head? (The mask itself won’t be furred but it will be framed by fur to the neck) Also, how do I create, fur, and attach the ears? Do I create and fur them separately and then attach them to the furred base? Do I glue...
  9. justenoughlight

    I just bought my first dino mask!

    I’m in the process of painting it, I’m so excited!
  10. justenoughlight

    Raptor/skulldog picrews?

    Hey there, Does anyone know of some good raptor and skulldog picrews? Thanks!
  11. justenoughlight

    Okay so I figured y’all would be the best place to ask for name ideas

    So I’m trying to come up with a name for my manokit sona and I know that I want something kinda related to like shave ice or smth like that, kinda summery and beachy. Any ideas? Also, can someone please tell me the rules for manokits? I can’t find the full list of rules online for some reason.
  12. justenoughlight

    Please help I have 11 fursonas

    Aaaaaaaaa How am I supposed to c h O O S E I HAVE LIKE FIVE DERG SONAS T-T
  13. justenoughlight

    I came up with an original hybrid species but I’m having trouble naming it

    It’s kind of a cat-fox-dragon-shark. It’s mainly the last two but it’s also very fluffy and has a slightly rounded muzzle/snout. Pic for reference. If y’all could give me any suggestions for the species name, it would be very much appreciated lol Also please let me know if this isn’t a new...
  14. justenoughlight


    Hi there! I’m Sky (also cool with Griffin) I have multiple sonas but my main one is a moth named Dusty Moonlight I’m neptunic and omniromantic, and a nonbinary demiboy. I use they/he/it and neopronouns. I’m a minor I’m neurodivergent Nice to meet you all! :3