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  1. Crestego

    How do you organize?

    After several doctor's appointments and getting a handle on my asthma and anxiety, I'm wanting to push forward with actually... y'know, DOING stuff. What helps you guys organize? It could be anywhere from organizing a bedroom to organizing a lifestyle, I would love to hear some feedback. :3
  2. Crestego


    What're your favorite hobbies? I'm a lazy tard, so I personally like hobbies that keep me at home; as in creative ones. I love writing fanfiction (though currently working on an original idea on the side-lines) as well as playing video games, binge-watching Youtube videos, and (if I don't let my...
  3. Crestego

    Pet Care... Small Rant

    I apologize if it sounds obnoxious, but i'm bored and figured why not? I've been planning out my future with pets... i'm not able to own any right now because of where I live (husband is in the USMC, so we're on a military base). We COULD technically own animals, but it's too expensive to be...
  4. Crestego

    What do you consider a Furry?

    I know... it does seem like a pretty redundant question on this site. However, I ask this as more of an outsider looking in. I've looked into all kinds of fandoms (Invader Zim, general cartoon stuff), but the furry fandom seems much more broad in retrospect. Now, I don't feel that I could...
  5. Crestego

    Favorite Animal?

    I know it's a pretty simple question, but I feel that it'd be an interesting topic to discuss on a furry forum. What's your favorite? Does you favorite get represented in your fursonas? Or is it an exotic animal? Why's it your favorite? My personal favorite is the octopus... I mean, they're...
  6. Crestego

    Could I get some helpful critique?

    I've been meaning to get back into art for awhile now, but I either lose motivation too quickly or I start a project and drop it for various reasons. I recently colored-in one of my buddies linearts, and I was hoping for some tips I could use with future pictures. I'd really appreciate some...