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  1. Kirkzer

    Any Digital art software for beginners?

    What is the best art software to learn to draw if you have practically never drawn in your life!? Adobe Photoshop is the only one I know but I do not want to pay monthly for it. I don't mind spending money on the software. is there any software that teaches you how to draw/paint?
  2. Kirkzer

    Any furry character creation games?

    I love games that you can make your own character and they are always better if you can be a furry character. Do you know any good games that you make your own somewhat unique looking character? Games that I can think of at the moment are the following: Elder Scrolls Champions Online Second...
  3. Kirkzer

    Beautiful or Ugly?

    Do you see beauty or just ugly when you look at this monster from the game "DOOM"? In a strange way I think it's beautiful but what do you think? Also you can post your own creatures that some people think are beautiful but you...
  4. Kirkzer

    Hello, I'm new to the fandom and how I found the fandom!

    Hello, I joined the fandom a month ago. I am 24, male and have lived in London my whole life. I am shy and often hides in the shadows but when I feel like talking you cannot tell. I am almost always friendly! I have always liked animals, as a kid a part of me secretly wanted to be one! But as...