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  1. Tarrien

    Gotta De-Stress this weekend, Need game suggestions!

    This week has been.... hard.... for me, so I want to spend the weekend playing something that's fun, thoughtful, but not extremely taxing. Free or paid, preferably PC. though I have a 3DS and a Wii, along with some older consoles... TLDR: Basically post your favorite de-stress games
  2. Tarrien


    Hi! Tarrien here, though I go by Tarry. I've sorta lurked around the furry fandom for a few years and now decided to become part of the community. I'm a college student going for a Computer Engineering degree. I'm interested in anime, board games, DDR, video games, music, and reading. I have...
  3. Tarrien

    Ref Sheet

    Hi, I'm want to get a reference sheet for my character, Tarry, a chubby fox. He can be seen here (sans tail and in my extremely poor art ability). It doesn't have to be dazzling, I just want something that isn't my own embarrassing art. I have a budget up to about $35-$40. There is no rush. I...