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  1. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Fursona Forum Sig

    I am requesting a forum sig that must be 600x300 My fursona is the wolf and i am a black and blue one background is wooded area just wondering if anyone would want to do this
  2. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Best thing ever

    this is the weirdest thing........
  3. FurryWolfieBuddy

    PC for Gaming

    ok i plan on keeping my laptop but i built something on pc part pick let me know what you think, i also am going to be using linux LINK- http://pcpartpicker.com/p/72VxK8
  4. FurryWolfieBuddy

    PC for Gaming

    i am thinking of building a desktop with a budget of 400$ i know its not much but i would like a decent PC to run FTB modpacks for Minecraft, WoW, TERA, CS:GO, i have peripherals already, i have a corsair M65 RGB mouse and a K70 Keyboard, i currently use a laptop with an A8 quadcore on a cooling...
  5. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hey everybody! ^^

    Welcome ^.^ i like dinos and reptiles too ^.^
  6. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hello friends

    Welcome :)
  7. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Herro der,

    welcome back fellow wolf :)
  8. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hi there, i'm new!

    Hello there :) i'm planning on going to next year's furrycon in my city, this year its on labor day and i have plans this labor day :)
  9. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Howdy again

    Welcome back ^__^
  10. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hello there

    hello there :D
  11. FurryWolfieBuddy


    welcome :D *wags tail in excitement*
  12. FurryWolfieBuddy

    So I'm building my own gaming desktop. Could anyone here take a look at my specs...

    Re: So I'm building my own gaming desktop. Could anyone here take a look at my specs. thats pretty beast PC, you shouldnt have any problems playing any game at 1080p
  13. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Furmetal - Hello

    Welcome i play aura kingdom quite a bit Be sure to add me on steam :D
  14. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hi! I'm new..

    welcome to the forums :D i love anime too ^.^
  15. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Ciao and hello!

    Welcome i like cats too
  16. FurryWolfieBuddy


    Welcome ^.^
  17. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hi there!

    Hey there welcome to FAF I am too looking to make some good furry friends ^.^
  18. FurryWolfieBuddy


    Welcome! Sorry to hear that
  19. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Hello Fur World

    Hello Welcome to the forums :D