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  1. kolae

    NSFW XoPachi NSFW

    lovely work! I love how curvy your art is, really fun and enjoyable to look at <:
  2. kolae

    The Kangaroo's sketchbook of sketched stuff and such!

    I really like those vehicles you've sketched out. I think a fullblown picture of a character on/using a vehicle would look really great in your style. it'd be a ton for work though :c
  3. kolae

    Do you think your fursona is rare?

    I'm a 'cotton candy' husky. i've seen some other cotton candy themed furs out there! And huskies are as common as day, but I don't really mind C:
  4. kolae

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    I've always liked words or names with 'ae' next to each other. I wanted a brand new, easy to recognize name, and Kolae was born. Unfortunately I found out Kolae is a small clothing company, as well as Hawaiian slang for an outside dog (?). Not too worried though, I like the name.
  5. kolae

    Age Thread 2013

    18, will be 19 in a few months yipe!
  6. kolae

    Members by Species

    Username: Kolae Species: Husky Category:​ Canid
  7. kolae

    pseudonoob here

    thank you all!
  8. kolae

    Furries dating furries

    now thats the kind of experience i was hoping for ahah! that experience did help me for the better though, i think i would have been into the fandom a little too deeply by now im muchly anticipating moving back to San Jose/bay area of california and furcializing though! C:
  9. kolae

    commissioners that buy TONS of art..

    you've already made your point ignore it if you don't like it, no need to try to /teach me a lesson/ @.@ youre the bestest. do keep them in their place
  10. kolae

    commissioners that buy TONS of art..

    this already has been said, but thanks anyways :/ my whole post has been of the admiring kind, if you wanna take it as negatively.. then go ahead this! this is what im talking about! and id especially love to see what the people end up doing with them all... do they get prints and have...
  11. kolae

    I need some help...

    the artist is active on their facebook? in that case, i would contact them there. is the ref sheet going to be done? i don't think this is in the correct forum, though
  12. kolae

    Help with Print-making

    just make sure its nothing related to the underaged..
  13. kolae

    Furries dating furries

    just sharing a honest slice of my life no need to get all anger-panger
  14. kolae

    commissioners that buy TONS of art..

    ah yeah i suppose when you think of it that way it doesn't even see weird at all. its new, thats for sure, with the advancement of technology and the internet I also do the same. Feels great to support other artists, when you're an artist yourself!
  15. kolae

    commissioners that buy TONS of art..

    honestly? jealousy. i would love to have that much money to spend on things i enjoy
  16. kolae

    commissioners that buy TONS of art..

    we've all seen them (if you lurk enough) users that have a gigantic, ever-growing gallery full of, often, god-tier art most of these pieces are above $80+ in price, and new pictures (or multiple) everyday! are these people just rich with a craving for fur arts of their characters...
  17. kolae


    i think the concept of mouthtails are interesting however the /one-lined slit' poor excuse of a mouthtail mouth needs to go i think the best ones are the horrifying ones. though there are some cute ones too c:
  18. kolae

    Furries dating furries

    that's not good. ugh. the whole thing was really creepy and surreal. nothing innocent was there... just weirdness... ;_ ;'' i was really scared of being a furry at that time due to the experiences i had irl /adds one more reason to be happy being out of highschool
  19. kolae

    Age Thread 2013

    eighteen and drinkin protein c:
  20. kolae

    Furries dating furries

    all the furries i've met in real life have been scary people that do not ever go outside. they were all very unattractive with many social issues. a few have stalked me and 'instantly' fell in love with me. one said it was because i was the first asian person he's ever met, because i was...