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  1. Cavins

    LF>P2U Bases!

    I love collecting bases and need more :'D Here's what I currently own: Favorites Gallery for Malerei -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. Cavins

    Telegram Notification Bot

    I found out about the watcher bot Sergals and was wondering if it was possible to make a Telegram bot that could message me whenever I got a comment or a reply on a post. It would definitely make managing adoptables easier
  3. Cavins

    Are my adopt prices too high?

    I'm bad at appraising my own work and would greatly appreciate help! I have a couple of bases and some $10 chibi adopts IF you were to buy them, how much would you buy them for? Should I lower prices or just bide my time and wait? My store: Cavins - Payhip
  4. Cavins

    Flat Price Adopts

    Artwork Gallery for Cavins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Deer - $8 (NSFW) (Base by @UnistaArt) Chibi Kitten - $20 (SFW) Mystery Eggs - $20 ea Shark Girl Customs - $25 Each (Base by @Nazaki-cain)