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  1. Rafeal

    New thumbnails - AdBlock broken

    Another really stupid thing that this ignoranus thumbnail system does is this... IT EATS MY BANDWIDTH LIKE CANDY!!!!! I do not have unlimited bandwidth like many users. This site used to be very low bandwidth when I wasn't looking directly at artwork. Thanks, guys for the improvement to the...
  2. Rafeal

    New UI

  3. Rafeal

    New UI

    Personally, I think just about anything would be better than the current interface. @Kiszka - Please be more considerate of other people. They do not remark into places like this to have you correcting them. Try doing that to some ordinary person on the street and see how they react to...
  4. Rafeal

    AUP violation?

    Agreed... There should be something in there that allows us to flag something like this... Yes, it would create more logging for the admins to read/worry about/get pissed off with... but at least it would give me a sense of actually HELPING when crap like this does get posted... or at least...
  5. Rafeal

    AUP violation?

    Junk uploaded? I don't think bestiality (unless drawn) is allowed on here... loldogsexlol (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/loldogsexlol) has posted a series of just that... dog sex..
  6. Rafeal

    Admin Issue

    Actually, I... ...kinda feel sorry for her. Call it sympathy for the devil, but I honestly hope she learns something from all of this. *shrugs* Raf
  7. Rafeal

    Admin Issue

    Wow, somehow I remember being the target of such behavior... And I do see the simple requests for citation and the simple refusal to do so... The problem is now that someone is 'butt hurt' and doesn't know what to do but lash out at someone???
  8. Rafeal

    Linking to the site...

    I have my own personal webpage and enjoy browsing through the collection of 'stuff' on FA. I would like to link to the site. Is there a proper banner that could be used to do this with? Also, is this covered in the policy or AUP, TOS or such? Raf
  9. Rafeal

    How to post links etc

    Woot! Thanks a bunch, yak! Raf
  10. Rafeal

    How to post links etc

    How do you post links, like Next, Previous etc in your submissions... as well as point to other works by hyperlink instead of typing out the entire damnable address? Please? Or point me to directions to do so? Raf
  11. Rafeal


    Tis okay... at least we are trying *hugs da horse*
  12. Rafeal


    [from wikipedia] A colocation centre (collocation center) ("colo") or carrier hotel is a type of data center where multiple customers locate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service provider(s) with a minimum of cost and...
  13. Rafeal

    Memes Can Not Enjoy Their Sandwich

    Love the icon and descript, MarmelMM :D
  14. Rafeal

    FA Expansion

    Agreed... custom CSS is just inviting trouble. But I will argue that we do need a few more 'set CSS' pieces so there is a variety to what we see... *shrugs*
  15. Rafeal

    What is Terragen (and why it should be allowed in FA)

    How long did it take us to get there... 7 or 8 pages of ...unneeded yammering??? Dear Lord help us!
  16. Rafeal

    What is Terragen (and why it should be allowed in FA)

    How about this... It has been decided. Leave it alone. Quit eating up space on this God-forsaken forum server.
  17. Rafeal

    The Site Is A Lie

    I'm not going to say I can do better... either coding or wording... LOL
  18. Rafeal

    Site down again?

    And why would you say that? :)
  19. Rafeal

    Submission Sort By Popularity

    I personally agree... but really what is needed is to fix the CSS page for submissions... something is fishy that messes up the page and everything has its own line by date...
  20. Rafeal

    FA - Back Online

    Need I repeat... I want the new IP addresses for the site... they have changed... I am not getting through to the site. Period.