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  1. Hollyphantomshade

    Custom Fursuit Harness!

    I'm available for commissions again!
  2. Hollyphantomshade

    Custom Fursuit Harness!

    Custom Fursuit Harness! (Reopened) Hey Guys! I am currently selling a custom nylon fursuit harness (Made to your desires) for only $70 plus shipping! It will be fully adjustable, with 5 buckles, two D rings for leash attachment, and will come in whatever color you want. Here's the (New)...
  3. Hollyphantomshade

    Looking for a new fursuit.

    I'm about to be open for head commissions in a few weeks, (I just have the furring left to do on my last commission) and I'd totally be willing to do a pony head and feet hooves for 550 plus shipping. PM me if you're interested or want proof of work :)
  4. Hollyphantomshade

    Who did this? Obviously Satan.

    Your mom is probably "Cis-Scum", as is likely your father, and your favorite aunt, and your kindergarten teacher and the nice old lady who gives people cookies and, well, about 98% of humanity. Seriously man, that's beyond being racist/ homophobic. And it makes no sense that you would hate...
  5. Hollyphantomshade

    Funding my fursuit :)

    You'd be received better if you said this was "Hey, I'm open for commissions art/music- I am raising money to purchase my fursuit- check out my site/ my artwork!"
  6. Hollyphantomshade

    Royal Fursona's!

    Law-less is quite an inconvenient name for a ruler, who makes the laws... I question your choice of last names, but do not disapprove. I never thought of having a fursona who is of a royal background, actually, and this idea intrigues me. I'd never actually go so far as to do such a thing- no...
  7. Hollyphantomshade

    Taking Free Requests. Just about anything.

    I would love if you could draw me a satyr- just a normal satyr, like mr. tumnus from Narnia or Grover from PJ&O, But female with little baby horns and silver/gray hooves ^_^ Thank you!
  8. Hollyphantomshade

    Post your FUR(st) world problems

    That person stole my character's color scheme T_T *cries* and THEY HAVE THE SAME SHAPED SINGLE COLOR TAIL AS ME
  9. Hollyphantomshade

    Significant Others

    Okay, so I've been a part of the fandom for a while, (Couple of years), and I have a question pertaining to this whole concept of "Mates." I've seen a lot of people in the fandom call their sig. others their "Mates." and I was wondering if that term implies a "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" (Or...
  10. Hollyphantomshade

    Who is procrastinating right now?

    I'm currently procrastinating finishing a psychology paper because I am bored out of my mind. Dissociative Identity Disorder is making me question my carreer choice- it's not as interesting to write about as I had hoped.
  11. Hollyphantomshade

    What are your irrational fears?

    1. Fear of things (or people) touching my neck 2. Fear of walking around in the dark and the fear of sleeping in an illuminated area. 3. Fear of invisible bugs. All bugs. 4. Fear that something behind me is a monster that wants to eat me. 5. Fear of calling people on the phone 6. Fear of driving...
  12. Hollyphantomshade

    Hello! Umm..new to the whole fandom and hopes someone can draw my fursona!

    What exactly do you mean by insides? As in, inside of the mouth, or, inside of his ears, or are they some sort of radioactive zombie?\ I'd love to draw you ^_^