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  1. Sightless-Bird

    Looking For Art

    So I want art of this character of mine. I want her to look mature instead of a loli because she's suppose to be an attractive woman with an attractive body, big boobs and is pretty tall (5'9") So show me your styles. I got 40 to spend! You get bonus points if you can draw a giant cross she has...
  2. Sightless-Bird

    Requesting Art In Exchange For Writing

    Okay, one more thread on here. So I want to request some art please. In exchange, I will write you some stories, the nicer the art, the longer the story~ When it comes to stories I will write just about anything so that's good to know. I can't link you to proper writing examples because I...
  3. Sightless-Bird

    Trading MYO Lacie Slot

    So I have a myo own Lacie slot. You can possibly buy it from me for 45usd but Im more curious to see what kind of trade offers I'd get. You can offer characters, art, etc. Lacies are a closed-species by Niaro What is a myo? MYO = Make Your Own and it follows up to that. It means you get to...
  4. Sightless-Bird

    Reselling Humanoid & Animal Adopts

    I am reselling these adopts because they need better homes. Each of them comes with their own terms that I will explain if you show interest in one. Basically if you can sell or trade them, etc. Comment or message me. I am also making it clear that these are either original prices or prices that...
  5. Sightless-Bird

    Woot, woot

    Woot, woot
  6. Sightless-Bird

    Looking For Animal Character Pairings

    This is likely the wrong board, but hey, at least I tried. I'm just looking for pairings of my animal characters. We can do rps of them, draw them, talk about them, etc. I love that kind of stuff. Comment or PM me if you're interested or want to know more about these characters :3 I got...
  7. Sightless-Bird

    Requesting Art Of Pairings/Ships

    I couldn't change the title of my thread so I made a new one fruhinjdefd I don't know if I should delete the old one uwu My friends and I just paired some of our characters together and I would love art of either pairing. Please and thank you for considering. Sorry for asking for so much art ;3...
  8. Sightless-Bird

    Seeking art trades!

    Oh my goodness. Those two are adorable. I'm going to have to draw them for you even if you don't want to do an art trade with me. THAT'S how cute they are omg. I need to draw them.
  9. Sightless-Bird

    Trades/Free Art (open)

    I'd love to do an art trade with you! (if you don't mind my crappy art. I'll do digital and traditional of just about anything) My Examples: http://www.chickensmoothie.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2676759&sid=d7370adda9470fa3b50b7960f1b7abea As for the character...I'd love it if you could...
  10. Sightless-Bird

    Doing a reference sheet or two, plus some icons.

    A reference sheet would be great! I'd love one of this girl. http://toyhou.se/70473.magdalena Her emotions change constantly due to her childish nature > w < But if you don't want to do a reference sheet of her then an avatar of any dimensions would be fine :'3
  11. Sightless-Bird

    Quality Kawaii Chibis $7

    Hmmm I might get some of these next weekend. Is there a discount if I order three of them?
  12. Sightless-Bird

    Art Trades Anyone?

    So I already have a bunch of commissions to do. Why not add to the mass by doing more art trades too? Warning that if we do an art trade I will request a humanoid from you. I specialize in ink sketches but I can do digital stuff too. Here's my art shop! link
  13. Sightless-Bird

    Art Request of New Character

    Alright, got it <3 It might take a while since I'm in college and I'm already doing a lot of commissions and art trades on other websites, but I'll get to it eventually!
  14. Sightless-Bird

    Art Request of New Character

    -SCREAMS- OMG OMG OMG ITS SO AMAZING BETTER THAN I EVER HOPED TO GET HERE THANK YOU SO MUCH I can give you art in return. I'm not as good as you, but do you want me to draw something for you?
  15. Sightless-Bird

    Art Request of New Character

    Yay! Ummmmm, whichever you're comfortable with > w <
  16. Sightless-Bird

    Art Request of New Character

    Omg thank you so much <3
  17. Sightless-Bird

    Waist up sketches

    Hey you could do my character Aeron or his brother Awstin if you want Thank you for considering <3 Reference image: Aeron link Awstin link NSFW: No Any suggestions(items/poses) or statements you'd like to share with the class? Aeron is a brat so for a pose maybe him pouting or something...
  18. Sightless-Bird

    Art Request of New Character

    Art Request of Couple My friends and I just paired some of our characters together and I would love art of either pairing. Please and thank you for considering. Sorry for asking for so much art ;3; Paring 1 LeonardoxFaeita The Pairing: Leonardo is a spoiled rich snob who thinks he's better...
  19. Sightless-Bird

    $5 Art

    Hello there! I decided I might as well do some commissions over here! Everything is 5 dollars. I specialize in ink sketches and animal digital headshots (especially animal headshots) Digital Animal Fullbody These are what I recently specialize in Animal Headshots More Examples: x x x...