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  1. draconstreex


    Hi guys!!! i am dracostreex from FA, since i couldn't have my exact name here i had to add an n , anyway, some time ago i used to open request slots here tp get better at drawing, some time passed, and i feel i want to give to some of you a chance to have free art from me, i know i am nothing...
  2. draconstreex

    gotta draw draw draw

    it may sound crazy but i offer completed pics (inks colours and background) for FREE since i really need to improve in drawing in less time possible so, being more crazy you can ask me all the request you want seems pretty good to you guys? there's no time limit for this topic so feel...
  3. draconstreex

    i accept requests

    as the title says i accept requests i'll draw only sketches for now
  4. draconstreex

    i colour pics for practice

    as the title says i colour pics for practice and obviously i will do it for free hope to make a good work with your pics !!!
  5. draconstreex

    hi guys enter the dragon

    hello guys this is draconstreex speaking ^^ i am a furaffinity artist and i dont know if someone here already knows me i hope to be a good member of the forum and see ya around www.furaffinity.net/user/dracostreex