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  1. Texywolf

    Facebook furries

    How many are there? If you're a furry with a facebook you use on a regular basis, post here. I'm thinking about getting one up :3
  2. Texywolf

    Marriage: The most beautiful thing ever.

    There are only a few moments in life where I've become speechless with emotion. One of those was when my house burned down and I lost everything. Another was when my father sent me and my mother to the hospital. But never in my life, never ever have I been forced into silence by sheer feeling of...
  3. Texywolf

    Getting a partial suit soon, need a ref sheet.

    I have my partial fursuit ready to order, I just need a ref sheet of my character done so the suiter knows what to make. If anyone wouldn't mind doing it for me, I'd be very appreciative. The character's description: He's a (mostly) white arctic wolf-husky. His paws are black, with the black...
  4. Texywolf

    Need a cheap partial suit, fast.

    I plan to go to Oklacon with a group of furriends soon, and I know I don't need to suit to go to a con. But I would love to know of a place that has pretty cheap partial suits that can ship in two months, if possible. I already know of Beastcub, and it seems a likely option for me, but are there...
  5. Texywolf

    I need an average medieval furry last name.

    For a fantasy novel I'm brainstorming. The name's not going to stick for a long time, probably just in the first part of the first book. It's the name for an orphan who hasn't discovered his heritage yet. As I said, I need an average last name that retains to something furry. He's an arctic...
  6. Texywolf

    College-bound and in need of a laptop

    I will be going to college soon, and I hear that a laptop is very useful. A) It helps for the studying when you're on campus and, let's face it, who wants to be in a room when your roommate and his lady/man are getting it on, so you decide to go out and do a little studying. B) I know this...
  7. Texywolf

    The way the world works for me, by Texywolf.

    People wonder how I can be so kind to people I barely know. People wonder how I can help people who have done me wrong. I have an answer that comes from the core of my soul. To everyone in the world, regardless of race and belief, I have one thing to say. I do not know you, nor have I ever met...
  8. Texywolf

    Budgetting plans for an 18 year old future fursuiter.

    I've decided to kick my life in gear and get a job. Previously to this moment, I have been lazy, money sinking, and most of all -lazy-. I listed that twice, because I never seem to have the drive to get my stuff done. I have also decided, that if I ever do want to save up for my own fursuit, I...
  9. Texywolf

    Any kind of Texas furry meets or anything?

    I live in Paris, Texas, and I have never seen a furry/furfan in my life. Infact, my whole experience with the furry fandom includes chatting with furries and watching furries on youtube. I'm wondering, is there anything furry that happens in Texas? I heard about the Texas furry con, but also...
  10. Texywolf

    Interesting question, Fursuits in class?

    Would it be against the school or college rules to wear a fursuit in class? XD I thought it'd be bold and I could get a few laughs out of it. I don't have one yet, but I may just do it for a prank, or if I want to be bold. Most of the people in my classes know me and know I'm not creepy, so...
  11. Texywolf

    Fursuiter shout out! Hai!

    Hihihi! I'm a future fursuiter hopeful, and I want everyone who has, does, or will fursuit to shout out so I know who you all are! Tell me your names, your species, and, if you are a fursuiter, who made your fursuits!
  12. Texywolf

    Hi! I'm Texywolf! 'New to the furry fandom!

    Hello from the world of me! I'm new to the furry fandom, so I thought I'd give a little bit about myself! I'm Texywolf! I said that already, hmph. I'm a white wolf with a black cowboy hat! I have a really fluffy tail! I'm still getting used to the idea of being gay! :D:D:D My Yahoo IM is...