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  1. NinjaWolf041

    Campfire Tails : Oregon's First Furry Convention

    CFT is pretty much an offspring of the local groups camping trip. When we started pulling people from the east coast, California, Idaho, and Canada we decided to make it a bit more formal. So so far the date is a roll over from that. Also with camping you really only have about three prime...
  2. NinjaWolf041

    Campfire Tails : Oregon's First Furry Convention

    Hey everyone this is Koda here Campfire Tails Co-Happening (read event) coordinator, and I just wanted to drop in and tell you about our wonderful little camping convention we have going in Auguste, in beautiful Lapine Oregon. "On the far Eastern side of Oregon beyond the sprawling mountains...
  3. NinjaWolf041

    "like an animal"

    No one really says stuff like hay you remind me of an animal. But one of my friends does say every time she hears hungry like the wolf she thinks of me :D
  4. NinjaWolf041

    Is yiff not as much fun as it sounds?

    Simple, fursuit sex is creepy.
  5. NinjaWolf041

    Looking for other furs in the Central Oregon area

    I am hoping to make it down to bend this summer to go rock climbing at Smith rocks (that place is amazing *drools*) and if I go it would be with another wolf friend of mine. I love to meet some furs down there too. But until the good luck find some people for a meet, I have heard of a few down...
  6. NinjaWolf041

    Oregon Cons?

    As far as I know the old meets still go on, I don't go to them because I work Saturdays and Sundays, and live in Salem, but i hear people talk about them every now and again. And just because it hasn't been mentioned yet there is a PXDfurs mailing list. It stays active every now and again with...
  7. NinjaWolf041

    Your favorite furry apparel!

    I have a shirt I got from cafepress. I ware it quite a bit right now and the only comments I have gotten is stuff like that's a cute shirt. here is me wearing it with bolt <3.
  8. NinjaWolf041

    Oregon Cons?

    Nothing in Oregon sadly. Though I do think Salem would be a great city for a con, but Portland would probably be the place for one to be held sine the PDX airport. http://www.rainfurrest.org/2009/index.php Rainfurrest would probably be the best one to go to and that one is up in Seattle in...
  9. NinjaWolf041


    20, But I turn 21 in 2 months :D
  10. NinjaWolf041

    Further Confusion! Who's going?

    I was thinking about going to that writing panel, so maybe I will see you there.
  11. NinjaWolf041

    Further Confusion! Who's going?

    I will be there and it shall be my fist con. I will most likely just be hanging out with my friends most of the time and doing what ever there is to do there. IF anyone sees me feel free to say hi if you want, my con badge should look like my avy with the name Koda on it. Hope everyone has...
  12. NinjaWolf041

    Being Furry in your town/city/area

    Crossfire, you live in Washington? Witch part? Because I only of lots of furs who live up there and they seem pretty cool with it. I was hanging out with some people and we went to a store, one was wearing a tail, and another a collar and now one seemed to care. And if you live in a small town...
  13. NinjaWolf041

    What are the fetishes you hate seeing?

    Since when did Oral sex become a fetish?
  14. NinjaWolf041

    First convention woop woop!

    Shall be my first as well. Driving over 10 hours to get there woot! Less then a month away and I cant wait.
  15. NinjaWolf041

    Commissioner's Etiquette?

    If you have already paid for them then you have every right to ask whats taking so long. Just don't be an ass or anything and just simply see whats up.
  16. NinjaWolf041

    Do animals inspire you?

    Animals remind me to watch how I use and abuse things, and help remind me that we are not alone in this world.
  17. NinjaWolf041

    Irony is a Bitch

    just get one of these :grin:
  18. NinjaWolf041

    If Santa Clause was furry, what animal should he be?

    I don't know I see walrus for some reason.
  19. NinjaWolf041

    i want to publish a book, think you could help?

    sofawolf is a furry publisher. http://www.sofawolf.com/
  20. NinjaWolf041

    Persona counter

    Well here is Koda (http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg206/curious-creature/niccommissioncolor.jpg) and he is a chocolate colored timer wolf.