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  1. FurrIs4Ever

    Do you has a mate?

    My mate got on tonight. Even with everyone around they said it was ok. After a 2 week cut off from net they allowed him back on. Christmas miracle :D YAY YAY IAM SO HAPPY!
  2. FurrIs4Ever

    Another fox

    Why yes you are yiffable. But a little young. "looks at avatar" I dont want chris hanson from dateline arresting me. Welcome
  3. FurrIs4Ever

    What Arouses You?

    I want to tie my mate up to the bedposts and kiss him (among other things). Mmmmmmmmmm.... Yeah thats a turn on for me. Bondage is awesome.
  4. FurrIs4Ever

    A Man and his Fox Snookie

    http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/fox-gets-its-own-apartment/ufpkrnpb This video made my day. The fox even stays in the guys apartment.
  5. FurrIs4Ever

    A Man and his pet Fox Snook

    Wow this just made my day. Apparentlly a fox can be house trained as a pet. http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&brand=msn%20video&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:8a3f6707-03ce-43fc-b845-4f4cbc48aea4&showPlaylist=true&from=IV2_en-us_v11HP&fg=gtlv2 That is just awwwwwwwww. I want one :)
  6. FurrIs4Ever

    RPing... how many of you have furry rps? any specific styles? themes?

    Ear sex butt sex everywhere sex sex. I CRAVE a rp now I dont care what. Iam in a depressed mood so...yeah.
  7. FurrIs4Ever

    RPing... how many of you have furry rps? any specific styles? themes?

    I rp all the time with my mate (mostly sexual) untill we meet. Sadly hes going through a fight with his parents about being bi and they cut off his net and xbox. He sneaks on sometimes but it has been very very very hard. Hes about 1 hour and 15 mins from me but I dont have a car atm.
  8. FurrIs4Ever

    I know I'm not the only fur in this area! >.<

    Yeah iam in waldorf MD....so watch out murrrrrr :D
  9. FurrIs4Ever

    What Arouses You?

    Lets see Vixens bonus points if its in the shower solo or couple. Anything oral but has to have a specfic style like (Adam Wan, Richard Foley) Just water+sex in general is a turn on.
  10. FurrIs4Ever


    Iam Bi and I find the term gay and fag to be just a word. Because Fag is actually just another name for a twig. It was turned into a insult.
  11. FurrIs4Ever

    What kind of "fur" are you?

    Fetishist/Hobbyist I like some sexual kinks in the fandom but mainly iam a hobbyist because the idea of getting a fursuit and commissions done is fantastic.
  12. FurrIs4Ever

    ADULT opinons/questions thread about furry fetishes and other activities.

    O_O self mutilation. Worst ive done is bite my hand and punch walls when frustrated. The site of some gore is a slight turn on.. Watch Teeth about a monster vagina that eats penises...every sex scene ends with a - 1 dick. Wont derail just check it out Z.
  13. FurrIs4Ever

    Have you ever come to the point....

    Most are not "good" pictures. We have not met physically yet we have seen each other tho. Anyway thats all I will say on a public forum.
  14. FurrIs4Ever

    Have you ever come to the point....

    I had something very similar happen to me. I lost my GF Nov 2nd she cheated on me. Two days later I met a fellow furry online. He is a guy. He helped me through my depression. Long story short ive changed my orientation to Bi. I owe him allot. He is in VA which is 3 hours away and will becoming...
  15. FurrIs4Ever

    ADULT opinons/questions thread about furry fetishes and other activities.

    Are you serious...really are you serious...I mean no harm can come to the fox cuz its dead...but.....weird...whatever floats your boat.
  16. FurrIs4Ever

    A Rational Approach to Sexual Morals

    oh ok so i cant use a condom when having sex to try to prevent pregnancy because every time i have sex I HAVE to reproduce......alrighty
  17. FurrIs4Ever

    Do you wear anything furry in public?

    Come febuary i will wear something in public when I can...prob tail
  18. FurrIs4Ever

    rave: my horse is amazing.

    Yeah I really neede to see this....
  19. FurrIs4Ever

    is FA better off becoming a pay-site?

    "puff" dammmmm thats some good chronic guys" HAC HAC!....FA so could be a paysite....jk :D NO!
  20. FurrIs4Ever

    Furry TV Channel?

    Thundercats.....YAY! and swat kats