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  1. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Fursona Forum Sig

    I am requesting a forum sig that must be 600x300 My fursona is the wolf and i am a black and blue one background is wooded area just wondering if anyone would want to do this
  2. FurryWolfieBuddy

    PC for Gaming

    i am thinking of building a desktop with a budget of 400$ i know its not much but i would like a decent PC to run FTB modpacks for Minecraft, WoW, TERA, CS:GO, i have peripherals already, i have a corsair M65 RGB mouse and a K70 Keyboard, i currently use a laptop with an A8 quadcore on a cooling...
  3. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Jurassic world was awesome

    I saw Jurassic world in 3D and i loved the movie and i know it doing extremely well in the box office. Has anyone else seen it and how do you like it? I want a sequel, do you?
  4. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Black wolf art plz

    I want a black wolf with modern clothing like my avatar anyone can do this, im not really an artist
  5. FurryWolfieBuddy

    Black wolf

    I would like to find someone that would do a Black wolf tail, Paws and head for 250$USD to a high of 400$USD
  6. FurryWolfieBuddy

    I'm a Wolf

    Hello, My name is Wolfie as my Furry friends call me and i'm a PC gamer and i enjoy looking at great Furry art I'm also a Dog Lover :D I love my 9 year old beagle :D I look forward to making some new furry friends :D Thanks for reading, Wolfie :D