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  1. FoxxLegend

    Do you think your a good person to date 2

    The continuation of the first one! Enjoy!
  2. FoxxLegend

    Lookig for someomone to make a cool signature for me

    Can someone make me a cool extended sig with a fox theme? I don't know how to make my on and I can't find anything descent online. Much appreciated! (By extended I mean width is bigger than height but not ridiculously. I would just like it to look nice. Anyone up to the challenge? Make as big...
  3. FoxxLegend

    Even more moods

    As started by Mr_Foxx, Let's start another moods thread shall we?
  4. FoxxLegend

    Favorite word(s)- Preferably ones you use frequently.

    Me, even though I don't use it frequently, I like the word Legend(ary).