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  1. animalseeker

    Cheap Adoptables (20/20 open)

    ◦ • • • ✦ • • • ◦ The majority of adoptables here are $5 I'll check here but you can also email me if you're interested or note my furaffinity. Email: miqotesos@gmail.com Furaffinity Check out all the adoptables in full view here ◦ • • • ✦ • • • ◦
  2. animalseeker

    New to the forums

    Hey, I'm kat. I've been on furaffinity for a while but never the forums so I thought I'd check it out. I haven't been in forums for quite a while tbh! My fursona is a cat (I'm a huge cat person) & I've been drawing cat girls for as long as I can remember. some likes: The Walking dead...