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  1. TamaraRose

    MFF needing ride

    i had a ride a dont now... not the persons fault... i need a ride if you can help drop me a line at Janchris2@yahoo.com i have $40 toward Gas i have already paid my preregister so if you can help a kitten out i would much appreciate it i live on southern oklahoma
  2. TamaraRose

    helpin a friend :artist in need

    here it is help myfriend ot he is takin 100 sketches $5 a piece here you go take a look at this http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1023596/ but sereiously hes a great artist check him out
  3. TamaraRose

    Warrior cats by erin hunter

    love the series hate it ... what? if you love it or like it whos your fav feline?
  4. TamaraRose

    the site is a lie?

    it appers FA is down
  5. TamaraRose

    MFM New hotel..

    MFM has a new hotel for the year 2010... its the whispering woods hotel and conference center... this places is simply beautiful... so if you have plans to go to mfm.. its gonna so be worth it... if you don't have plans check out there web site and make plans http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/...
  6. TamaraRose

    Mafia wars..mwahahaha

    http://www.tagged.com/mafiawars.html this is mafia wars a game one tagged it is fun... i need more furry mafia members may nick on there is Tamara Rose so friend me then join my mafia when i send the invite
  7. TamaraRose

    my brithday

    itsd moy brithday on sun the 25th *snuggles for every one*
  8. TamaraRose

    Dragon Cave eggys again

    plz click them i would like adlest on to live http://dragcave.net/user/TamaraRose and post your own ill click
  9. TamaraRose

    looking for a fur i met in oklahoma

    he came to oklacon... this past october i found him intresting in a friend to friend way but never got info because i was helping out so.. if any one knows a blonde lion who make Crystals in to wearable pendents by weaveing colored wire around them note me and give me something email...
  10. TamaraRose

    heard roomers about

    the rumor is unsupported opps
  11. TamaraRose

    here vote for my neice

    http://www.myyearbook.com/?utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=&mysession=YmF0dGxlc192b3RlX2JhdHRsZSZiYXR0bGVpZD0xMjA2Mjk1OA== she the one in the blue... furries for the win
  12. TamaraRose

    American dad

    well watch a fox tv show called american dady furs just got another slap in the face was watching when the dad guy takes his old boss out to look for girls and they go to a club then goth club then what they where listing as a furry con it show all fur suits and a squrrial moveing up...
  13. TamaraRose

    Totth ache Remadys

    so far i have a clean sock... full of rice warmed up and aply to jaw... oral gel.... and lots of freaking tylenol any other good remedies thats Tooth ache... sorry
  14. TamaraRose

    does any one here play runescape?

    does any one play runescape..? its not a furry game but there is a bit of a furry presentence on there... i play and if you dont and wanna take a look its www.runescape.com
  15. TamaraRose

    Things that are asured in life?

    well as the topic i want you to list thinks at are asured in life.. ill start Taxes and death
  16. TamaraRose

    Oklacon is upon us!

    only 40 more days to the start of my so far favorite camping con.. and Oklahoma best and so far only convention... sooo... who coming? Remember if you wanna come and haven't preregistered yet you will still have time till October 1st... www.oklacon.org . so come have some fun with us sing...
  17. TamaraRose

    wild nights

    Registration, Meals, and Lodging as low as $40 total! it will be held in the state Lake of the Ozarks State Park. scheduled for late April or early May of 2009. so any one else going... i hear this will be an awesome convention... this coming 2009 is going to be it first year here...
  18. TamaraRose

    how about that atom smasher?

    concerns , fears or hope? there going to turn on an atom smasher in Switzerland tomorrow that could A give nerds something new to look at... or be cause the planet to implode in 15 months so how does this make ever one feel?
  19. TamaraRose


    i am aware this is the fur affinity forums but furs stick together and nexxus is really good guy.... furnation is in a bit of a spot... they are going in to the red and if nothing good happens they will have to shut down at the begining of october... so think about it and pop on over to...
  20. TamaraRose

    Oklacon art show

    Calling all artists... it is allmost time once again for oklacon... and with it the lovely and beautiful arts.. the art show still needs arts tho.. you will find all you need in the way of info on how to send what happen if you wanna sell what happens and how to not sell { should...