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  1. WolfAngel

    Anime loves! Manga Loves!

    I'm gonna go with just two: Saber Marionette J DNA2
  2. WolfAngel

    And I thought my life was bad !

    Wow... just wow...
  3. WolfAngel

    Banner History

    My goodness, Epic WIN!!! \_0__/
  4. WolfAngel

    Newbies of the forum. Come here! :-) !!

    Hi there! Welcome to the forums *hands a FA map* I hope you enjoy the forums ^^
  5. WolfAngel

    New one?

    Hi there! Welcome to the forums *hands a FA map* hope you have a great time! ^^ (and as boring as I am, I'm always up for a chat :D)
  6. WolfAngel

    What's your Zodiac?

    Scorpio with Pisces rising...
  7. WolfAngel

    New Foxcoon to Forums

    Hi there, welcome to the FA Forums *hands you a FA map* hope you have a great time around :D
  8. WolfAngel

    What Songs Explain Your Feelings?

    My Theme Song: Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves My Battle Song:Limp Bizkit - My Way When I'm sad: Red Hot Chilly Peppers - Otherside
  9. WolfAngel

    most digusting thing u have ever eatin

    a bug... don't ask >_>
  10. WolfAngel

    So... hey.

    Hi there and welcome to the forums *hands FA map* Hope you have a great time! ^^
  11. WolfAngel

    Hi Hi im new ^-^

    Oh! Finally another wrestling fan! ^^ Welcome to the forums, hope you have a great time and here *hands FA map*
  12. WolfAngel

    How many friends have you got?

    none actually :(
  13. WolfAngel

    music what is sad but keeps ur mood up.

    I forgot those too! Add them to the list ^^
  14. WolfAngel

    music what is sad but keeps ur mood up.

    Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes Nickleback - Savin' me The Rasmus - In the Shadows Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become Don't know if those are exactly sad, but :P ...
  15. WolfAngel

    know any good metal or rock?

    This thread is now officially made of win... Edit: How about Skillet?
  16. WolfAngel

    somebody have YOUTUBE account?

  17. WolfAngel

    a toxic dragon of Mexico say HI! to all

    Hello there my friend! If your looking for a furry that speaks spanish, then I'm one of the few who can help you ;)
  18. WolfAngel

    Willing to talk and listen.

    Hi there! We could talk if you want but I only have MSN...
  19. WolfAngel

    he full moon

    My exact words...
  20. WolfAngel

    Super duper lonely.

    I have Windows MSN if you would like to talk for a while :D