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  1. wysp

    Mauve the Vampire Bat

    One sentence description: Shes's very quirky and animated with an inappropriate and sarcastic sense of humor. Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Gender: Polygender Relationship Status: Single Height: 5ft Weight: 135 pounds Any physical illnesses?: White Nose Syndrome Any mental illnesses...
  2. wysp

    Fursuit head size?

    O73FgEWG2Jk This is a great tutorial, but how big are the templates? I'm not using the canine pattern, I'm making a bat, so I'm not stealing their pattern.
  3. wysp

    3D Video Game Model Abominations

    fFdKbaWHlLY "I try the world of 3d grapics trying to recreate my video games heroes with some not so beautiful results. Nothing goes right and instead pure nightmares is created from my imagination and unleashed."
  4. wysp

    Help, I'm lonely!

    I'm new to the fandom and I don't have any friends that are in the fandom. I don't know where to go to make friends or anything, can I get some help? (◕︵◕)