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  1. Atrak


    What came before God. If you don't believe in God, then take your own Creation opinion (Big Bang, Gang Bang, etc.), and tell what you think came before that.
  2. Atrak

    Wisdom vs. Intelligence

    As I was listening to a lecture by my philosophy professor, I started to wonder about the relationship between wisdom and intelligence. I have come to the conclusion that they are inversely proportional. To have one, you must lack in the other. Most people that live in the mainstream of...
  3. Atrak


    In a couple of hours, I leave to attend a birthday party, followed by fireworks, and then, at 2 a.m. I leave for the airport to head to Japan. Be envious. I was able to get it all for free except for 1/3 of my meals and any extra I want to spend. Be jealous. I'll be there for two fucking weeks...
  4. Atrak

    Hentai's Popularity

    Why is hentai such as this(NSFW-sound required) so popular? It has almost 150,000 views. Just curious, because it's likely that most of you watch hentai.
  5. Atrak

    So As I Was Murdering My Stepdad, I Opened A Portal To Another Dimension

    Daydreams. What do you like to imagine when you actually use the withered part of your brain that controls the imagination? I've imagined what would happen if I suddenly appeared in a medieval-style world. I've daydreamed of what my future could be like. I've taken anime shows where the...
  6. Atrak

    The Future of the Fandom

    You can't deny it. You will all eventually turn into this. (NSFW) Yeah, you will. It's the natural progression of your life. The only difference will be the flabs of fat that you will have. You might dream of banging this, but the closest that you'll get is this...
  7. Atrak


    Void needed more data for his mancakes, and I was hungry, so I decided to make some. First I needed the protective circle. But of course, pastry demons will never come through with that circle intact I saw a dirt spot I needed to wipe off. They are some big ass-cakes. So big, in fact, that I had...
  8. Atrak

    Applying at the Empirical Level

    Should Browder apply for a staff position next time around? Browder's personal reason for not applying: Who else do you think should/shouldn't apply for a mod position? Be sure to give some reasons why/why not.
  9. Atrak


    In my time of roaming these forums, I have seen threads about countable topics. I have seen threads about what makes you a furry. I have seen topics of what you like about anthro art. I have even seen your mugshots, and was able to keep away from the mind bleach. And yet, in all of those...
  10. Atrak

    Favorite Phrase

    To compliment the 'Favorite Word' thread. I find that I like phrases more than just single words. My two favorite phrases at the moment are 'inimically mimical' and 'monosyllabic oxymoron.' Ironically, the first one describes this thread quite nicely.
  11. Atrak


    Heh. Discussion between myself and anthrostick. Started on here. I posted this on his page: Went to the shouts on my page here. Note his words: Meaning that he was at one point. Meaning that my response would have been accurate in the past. Possibly still is. He seemed overly...
  12. Atrak

    Main Site

    They've added another row of new submissions to each section. Discuss.
  13. Atrak

    Main Site

    They've added another row of new submissions for each of the sections on the main site.
  14. Atrak

    Fast Food vs. Lawsuits

    The next time I go to a big city, probably Atlanta, I'm going to dress up in a yellow jumpsuit with a white face and a red afro. And big red shoes. I'm going to walk for several blocks, doing stupid/cool/funny stuff to attract attention. Then I'm going to go into a Subway and enjoy a...
  15. Atrak


    The time is upon us, my fellow forum members. The otters are almost ready to strike at the dragon overseers, and will assume control over the fandom. They have taken over numerous staff positions, and only need to overthrow the admins to take over completely. You all must choose a side. Your...
  16. Atrak

    One Image Definition of 'Furry.'

  17. Atrak


    Full Name: Shades of Grey Nickname: Shade Species: Grey wolf Age: 18 Physical Description: With one eye a bright, silver gray, and the other a deep, dark grey, Shade stands about 6' tall, and weighs in at 165 lbs. His fur, although all grey, is not uniform in color, as it has many...
  18. Atrak

    Crunchitize me, Cap'n!

    For a minute, I had the post title of Cap'n Crunch. What the fuck is this?
  19. Atrak

    First Stories

    This is a thread where you can post links to your first completed short story. If your first completed story was novel-length, then bully for you. Note: this is not a thread for critiques. This is simply to compare your first writing to your latest writings, and those of others. Hopefully, if...
  20. Atrak

    Bi History Month

    Might as well make a month for sexualities. Discuss/troll/shitpost :V .