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    What does the community think?

    That doesn't seem like the smartest way to deal with someone who constantly disables a site and harrasses the community...
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    Dragoneer's Guide to Wacoms

    Figured I'd put my 2 cents in: Has anyone checked out a tablet pc yet? I've got a Toshiba Satellite R15 and after a few months of having it, I sold off my Intous. The thing is amazing! And Wacom now makes added drivers for some tablet pcs, giving them increased sensitivity. The tablet...
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    Commissions and Auctions!

    Hello! I'm just finishing up my run on the webcomic, Carpe Diem and figured this would be a good time to open up for some commissions. My prices are: LJ icon/ forum avatar -5$ Small conbadge (2.5"x3.5") -10$ Large conbadge (5"x6") -20$ Pencil commission (9x12) -20$ Inked...
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    I'm having the same problem alot of the others are. I put in my old name and my old e-mail, but I'm not getting any e-mail back