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    The Big Questions (Religion, Ideology, etc) Thread.

    I voted Pagan, Other or F**ck you im a Dragon!. why? well, im not realy a pagan, nor am i a dragon (dragons rule tough), and i am other becouse i dont think i like pie is an option for me (i do like pie tough). I dont realy have a believe, i DO beleve in reincarnation, ghosts...
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    Do You Consider Yourself Anthro or Furry?

    Both actualy. Im a furry and an anthromorphic
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    It's my B-Day

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpio! :D And now i know another who's birthday is also on the 17th! :P
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    Birthday :D

    thnx :D all!
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    Scalies or Furries?

    Well, we have on right here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no, not me :P
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    MSN Party

    I might be online sometimes, feel free to talk to me :) unrealcarlo@msn.com
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    Scalies or Furries?

    Well, my own fursona is a furry, but i have some fictional Scalie characters. And there is almost no t-shirt in my closet that does NOT contain a dragon picture on it:P. So i love both of them.
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    Birthday :D

    whoa! Thanks all, just have to sleep another night but now i have a good excuse to drink some with you guy's :P *hugs all* ps...there will be cake!
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    Birthday :D

    JEAH!!!, I'll turn 19 comming fryday the 17th!!!:P. If anyone would like to give me a good birthday hug your welcome! :D Greets from you resident forum Lion Faukx!
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    So your little brother's a furry...

    All my friends know im a furry, my little brother knows it to and they all know about the whole fandom around it. My parents and grandparents know i love drawing anthro art, but they just love my drawings. the also heared the word furry and furconvention a fwe times while we had a role-play...
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    <Generic Introduction Subjectline>

    Welkome!, Faukx The lion greets you. *slaps Blitz* Its good to have more feline in here! *purrs*
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    Voting furries

    i didn't vote, but im glad the republicans lost. Down with Bush! srry, am not a Bush fan. And indeed, democrasy does not alway's work. we have elections the upcoming week. anything wil be better then the current Minister President we have now :P
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    Hell Just Boiled over, what do you do?

    Dig my swords and steel plate armour out of the ruble (yes i do have that stuff in real life) and find others to...wel...find other people. and find my friends and members of our swordfighting assosiation. And wel, a little bit of Down of the dead would be cool. Just trying to stay alive.
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    Ehm, i have been on furcadia for a while. but i didn't like it. But furry and rpg is still a good combi
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    Summer's End...

    *rrrrr* cold... Atleast i can dress warm :D, and more hugging to keep eachother warm ;)
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    Who did the halloween Banner for the FA site

    cool... that drawing rocks
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    Barefoot (er, pawed...?) furries?

    I draw my anthro's all digitigraded. so... whel there all bare foot
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    Too many puppies? O___o

    true true....
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    Too many puppies? O___o

    Haha, i heared that song in a alternative bar called "Extase" (Ecstasy in English. But then like being in ecstasy and not the drug) But anyway's... its a damn weard song. But it had a good beat to it. "To many puppies!" Why don't they make a song called "to manny kittens"?
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    RPers: New Game?

    indeed But ofcourse you have power-players (people who alway's have to be stronger then the rest and always think they are better then the rest. realy irritating realy) But ofcourse there are people who don't do that and just play to have fun, and not to rule the world or something. But...