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    World of Warcraft

    WoW killed my life, not joking. I'm so glad I quit. I used to be hella addicted to that, lvl 70 shadow priest, had some really kick ass gear. I just got really pissed at that game, and I got tired of solo, then PvP, then raiding. Just decided to end it one day. I still have the cancellation...
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Gamertags: Mashiman. Feel free to throw me a friend request, or a private chat or anything. I'm really open fur any crazy stuff, running warthogs off cliffs, shooting allies. All that good stuff ^^ Oh yea, I may have a full freinds list, just send me a msg then and I'll get back to ya.
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    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    Hey, new here, I get on Xbox Live a lot, Gamertags: Mashiman. Im up on COD4 almost always if I'm not playing Forza or Halo 3. Throw me an invite or freind request ^^. Luv to play with some of you guys. I haven't gotten to prestige yet, but Im pretty mean with a P90 or G36 X3
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    Sams the name foxys the game =3

    X3 Now I'm interested... ^^ Arn't we all interested in our own little odd things XD. As for the continental, its a ok car, I just see is as like a presidents car. I pretty much like all cars xcept a couple Oo
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    Sams the name foxys the game =3

    Oo My bad >.o
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    Sams the name foxys the game =3

    Thankies *takes one cookie and licks it before eating it in two bites* ^^ I don't mind I got my own track *kisses your nose* :)
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    Sams the name foxys the game =3

    Sup fellow furs :D. The name is Sam, and if you want to, go ahead and bite me :P Just try not to eat anything =3. If you want to see my rather dull drawing my FA account is FurryTailDriver. Essentially, there are three words which describe me ^^: Foxeh, Driver, and Raver. There's also smex...