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    "File Read Only"

    Visipics might be interesting if I wasn't getting a 404 error for Softpedia. Sites down. Looking at the VisiPics website (thanks for the link BTW), it looks as though it'll do what I need but until I can get it downloaded, I wont know. On the Picassa front, although it's a nice image...
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    "File Read Only"

    I thought the stat stating there's only 1.7TB of data stored on the server to be interesting as thats less them my image collection God! Please help me. I need to find a decent duplicate image finder that works on Win7-64 (dpeg 6.20 crashes). Anyone know of a decent app that can handle over...
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    Favorite Novel/Book Series

    Reading? What's that? I'm a true bookworm when it comes to reading. Omnivorous and I'll read damn near anything. My current favorits are the Honor Harrington Saga by David Webber. I'm also a fan of Tolkien (LoTR, Hobbit, Simirillion, tales of Middle Earth), Darkover by MBZ (Marion Zimmer...
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    If I get in a car accident I hope I am as lucky as this guy

    Heard from my brother in Las Vegas one day. He'd been hit broadside by an idiot in a sports car right in the drivers door. Damn blond punched the throttle instead of hitting the brake pedal at a traffic light and according to the cops, she was doing at least 70 when she T-boned him. We still...
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    Cinco de Mayo!

    I always Celebrate on Cinco de Mayo as it's my Birthday. What's real funny is the how I discovered it was Mexican Independence Day. I was in California and got all excited that everyone was celebrating my birthday until someone explained that it was the day Mexico won it's independence from...
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    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    Setting a secure PW is pretty easy if the site cooperates and makes it easy. This doesn't require anything fancy such as special chars and such. Just a good use of the 62 possible combinations of Upper/Lower Case and 0-9 numbers. You can even get reasonable strength using just the 36 possible...
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    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    11:19 <%net-cat|work> The difference here is how we look at users. Eevee and tsawolf look at them as stupid. I (and possibly yak) look at them as stupid, lazy and having ADD. ... don't you wish you had access to staff IRC? You mean Adult Deficit Disorder? That's 95 percent of the United...
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    What was your 1st computer and your current computer?

    Then TRS80/4 with dual 5 inch floppies and a huge 15M external HD that cost over $3000 Other Systems That I Stil Have: Ti99/4A Epson PC-AT (286) with 20m HD, Color Monitor, 1200Modem (need 5.25 drive to copy over Dos 6.2 to boot the HD -Dead CmOS battery), Even have the matching Epson 9pin...
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    CPU Advice

    Some questions to ask yourself: 1) Do you plan on overclocking? 2) Why a Single Drive? 3) 32 or 64 bit (XP or Vista) #1 - If you plan on Overclocking - check the Overclocking sites and see what offers the best bang for buck - Otherwise, I'd say go with the E8400 or 8500 Wolfdale as both are...
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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    I tell you it's a damn conspiracy! Did my computer suicide two days after FA went down? as I had a head crash that wiped out the disk (total data loss) and it took three weeks to get the replacement (new damn it) from Seagate. Hell I'm just now getting back up and running and discovered that...
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    FYI: Hardware Failure Discussion

    Habitually Correct: You're dang tooten that RAID is not a backup solution and that everyone should backup their data regularly. For those who don't know what RAID is designed for it's pretty simple really. It's designed for High Availability, meaning something that absolutely has to stay up.
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    Banning freehand-trace pics

    Okay folks: I'm going to chime in on this matter Synjo: As to the argument about freehand copying, you're partly correct and my feeling is that if the original artist requests it be taken down for infringement It should be as a courtesy to the original artist because it avoids Bad Will and...
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    The Folding@Home FurAffinity Team

    which is exactly why I run it. Okay folks Some more information about Folding First off, you will never rework the same work unit if it completes. That's because of the deadlines involved. You will see it take some time to either upload the finished work unit (I've seen as long as 5 days)...
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    Fur Affinity beta test thread.

    One problem I noticed (not sure if a problem) is that guests can see the mature(adult) categories when not logged in and some was visable Didn't see any performance issues - Journal link worked just fine for me - Saw the local noscript/adblock problem (recognzied it right away) Okay, the...
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    Status on the data transfer?

    I'm damn glad I've got the final chapter to finish for my first story because I'd be out fighting with everyone else on this Black Friday trying to get better deals. Now all I need is for things to be up and running by Monday so I can post the thing before taking my christmas break.
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    8800GT is a mid range monster, apparently [Update - FACT!]

    Guess what. You can't get DX10 unless you're running the Vista abomination so what difference does DX10 support make in a vid card:?: Now SLI mode with a pair of 7300GT's can offer one hell of a boost for a damn reasonable cost as I said. You only need a 400 watt PSU to handle a pair of...
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    Account Security - Friendly Reminder!

    Sorry to bump this thread with a bit of a Rant: Generating a secure PW isn't that hard but to many damn sites refuse to accept a decent PW mix of upper/lower case. Hell I've run across sites that simply say PW's are restricted to 6-8 lowercase characters. Bloody Damn Idiots. Why not drop any...
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    Search Engines banned from indexing /view?

    Why not? Simply put em into a seperate directory and in robots.txt tell it not to search those directories. Which is what Robots.Txt is supposed to be for. Of course any search bot that's not honoring the robots.txt gets banned for bad behaviour then taken out back and tarred/feathered on...
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    The Folding@Home FurAffinity Team

    There are several questions about Folding that people tend to ask and I'll see about answering them. Is my system to old:?: I've successfully run it on a 700Mhz celeron with 512 megs of the P3 era. It's old & slow and I couldn't complete any deadline based work units so run it with no...
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    8800GT is a mid range monster, apparently [Update - FACT!]

    A better option: Pair of 7300GT in SLI mode - Far cheaper and doesn't need a new PSU to run them unlike a pair of 8x00 cards in SLI mode. Pair of 7300GT's cost about the same as one 8800GT while giving decent boost to almost everygame you'd play right now. Sure you don't get the...