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    Poser/DAZ works and the TOS

    As stated by Dragoneer, I'll start the thread on this . . . I beg to differ, you've frankly shown a chip on your shoulder about this one for a while . . . I think you compared it to playing with Lego's, previously, for example.  ;) Anyway, o quote the "About Us" page of the DAZ website...
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    "Show Shuffled Gallery"

    I know it's been suggested several times to have a randomizer on people's favorites. But how about an option to show a random pic from the user's gallery instead of the most recent piece as well? Some of us don't upload all that often and it gets a bit old having the same pics on your user...
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    Checkbox for "Don't post to watchers"

    One suggestion for the site, a checkbox that you can check as you submit a piece to keep it from appearing in watchers submission files. say for example someone comes back from vacation with a TON of photos they took (like I recently did!) that they would like to share with the site, even if...
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    Admin mode?

    There's no notice up, how long is it expected to last?
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    Question on resolution restrictions

    I just saw the Fender post on the resolution restrictions, which I'd always wondered about.  However, I was wondering if high-res pieces uploaded TEMPORARILY were an issue, for example, if we have a digital commission for another user here that we'd like to pass on but is too big to send through...