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  1. K

    Furries in the Media Again!!

    Amen to that!!
  2. K

    Furries in the Media Again!!

    "Bad publicity is Good publicity" If I had never read the original Vanity Fair article about the fandom, I would never have known about it and would not be here today, and THAT article definitely made the whole fandom out to be perverted and freaky, completely populated by socially inept...
  3. K

    Furries in the Media Again!!

    At least it's a step in the right direction, eh?
  4. K

    Furries in the Media Again!!

    It's basically a sex magazine tho, and if you notice in the beginning and towards the end of the article it mentions that there are many furs who aren't into the porn, some who deny it's existence and try to distance themselves from it. It's an inescapable reality that there are many, many...
  5. K

    Getting bad smells from shoes.

    try sprinkling the insides with a good shake of arm and hammer baking soda, it will absorb the moisture and neutralize the odors. I'd say leave it in them for a good couple hours, then shake em out.
  6. K


    Do you disagree with that statement?
  7. K

    Furries in the Media Again!!

    btw, let me know if these are too small. okay I had to upload these to my own gallery, you need to be logged in and be old enough to see them because there are tits a'plenty!! Page 1 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/522299/ Page 2 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/522298/ Page 3...
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    Furries in the Media Again!!

    Hello forums, Last year, I was approached by a very sweet woman named Laura, who told me she was writing an article for a magazine about the whole Furry thing. She asked if I would be willing to submit some of my artwork and also participate in an interview via email. After learning a bit...
  9. K


    Wait what? I didn't say anything about free will in heaven, Satan, or anything like that. I don't believe we necessarily have free will in "heaven." I believe that once we are back to our natural Spirit form, we can fully understand the scope of our life on this plane of existence, as well as...
  10. K

    Places you've lived

    I was born in Wichita, Kansas. When I was two, my parents moved us to San Diego, California, for a little over a year, then we moved further south to Riverside, CA, where my brother and then sister were born. When I was seven, we moved to Prescott, Arizona (Northern AZ, mountainous, piney, and...
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    I believe that we are spirit incorporated into material bodies with free will so we can make decisions and make mistakes and learn. I believe we chose the body that we did with full knowledge of the challenges we would face in this lifetime. I do not believe that the Higher Power punishes us...
  12. K

    What's your pornstar name?

    I played this with the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on and I got . . . Kabuki Homewood :D!!!!!
  13. K

    Technology by 2020

    you already can do this, research and practice lucid dreaming. Better than any video game, once ya get the hang of it!!
  14. K

    Some of my Furry ART.

    oh you draw very ADORABLE bunnies especially!!!
  15. K

    whats your scarist wirdest or worst dream ever?

    I have had plenty of shopping mall dreams. I will relate one that has always stuck with me (tho this is not my weirdest/creepiest dream) I had this dream when I was around ten years old. I was in a huge, empty shopping mall with my parents and younger siblings. It was after hours, but...
  16. K


    The visuals were amazing :D I loved the bit with the oracle. Hot, ethereal, nubile girl woman writhing in smoke clothing with her perky nips and all . . . oh yes. The bit with the horrific lepers licking her . . . . not so awesome. I didn't get all the mutants in this movie. I thought...
  17. K

    bring back nukes!

    Uhhhh . . . does my having way more messages than that in my inbox make the site go slower? I never delete anything. I'm sure the few times I did nuke helped contribute to the slowdowns last time :F
  18. K


    I dunno, people don't seem to even look at the gender tags on art. SO many people call my Bounder a boy, for instance, because she's a quadruped without any sort of human signs of feminimity. So I vote apathetic. I think Scott was referring to the artist profile options, not the art...
  19. K

    Weird Al Yankovic music

    one of my favorite weird al vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucFMLo6-nUQ Animated by John K (ren and stimpy creator), it features a hornball alleycat with extremely high standards :p The chicks were designed by Katie Rice, who rocks my world. I love how BOUNCY they are @_@ Warning: This...
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